Lil Wayne Disses Oklahoma City Thunder Again, Hopes Miami Heat Wins NBA Finals

Lil Wayne has taken issue to both the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder basketball teams before.

But when it comes to the NBA Finals, Weezy wants the Thunder to feel the Heat.

There’s no love lost for Lil Wayne when it comes to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Again I was treated like sh!t by the Thunder arena staff…dam..I hope da Heat beat da dog sh!t out em!!”  Weezy tweeted after the Thunder defeated the Heat in Game 1 of the Finals last night (June 12).

The tweet indicates that Wayne continues to hold a grudge against the Thunder in angst that stems from May 31, when the rapper was denied entry into the Chesapeake Energy Arena to watch the Thunder host the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals for failing to have a ticket.

“We’d love to have him at a game,” Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney told the Associated Press. “But like anyone else, he needs a ticket.”

In response, Weezy told the AP that Thunder stars Kevin Durant and James Harden had offered him tickets, but they’re missing the point.

“It’s the players stepping up but of course the players aren’t White,” Wayne told the AP on June 1. “I don’t want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I’m sitting next to a (person) that’s like ‘I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.’ (Forget) you … I’m in Forbes.”

Last year around this same time, Wayne wasn’t feeling the Heat. The rapper voiced his anger toward Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for not shouting him out when they seen him sitting courtside during games in Miami. When the Dallas Mavericks then defeated the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals, Weezy partied the night away with Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban and their star player, Dirk Nowitzki, at Miami’s Club Liv.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Thelisha

    Is this fool serious??!!!! WHO does he think he is? WOW! Ur a rapper? And so what? That doesn’t mean you have to have special treatment everywhere you go! This isn’t about you WAYNE! It’s about BASKETBALL! Get over yourself!

    • CaponeMOB

      and what the Hell the OKC team has to do with the stupid staff? they play Ball not accomadate rappers that peaked 4 yrs ago based on Fooling young niggaz that ” he was the best rapper alive”….SMH now the Heat are a diffrent story,did they atleast try to give wayne tickets? so the actual players from the Heat dint show wayne Love.OKC’s durant and Harden tried to reach out so why is weezy mad and hating?

  • slimmwood

    somebody give this nicca a kotex

  • Charles

    What a total self-inflated jerk. If this hideous looking pygmy had any manners he would be appreciative but he is so typical of his culture. Send him back to Borneo.

  • KevinW

    Lil Wayne is a big racist baby. Wah…….

  • land lord

    Props to OKC for treating a b*tch like a b*tch!

  • Baton Rouge Strangler. SU BAND

    Get a life dude, the world does not revolve around a five foot troll with tats just because you got Baby’s money.

  • Brand-New

    Sounds like Wayne is butt-hurt. He just wants to hop-a-long with whatever team is hot and if he gets turned away he gets all mad. Just pick a favorite team and ride with them, and in turn maybe they’ll ride with you.


    ^^^ There is no team in New Orleans, so he has to float from city to city and jump on the wagon.

    • Brand-New

      Actually there is, New Orleans Hornets, think harder next time slappy.

  • Larissa Jackson

    The only reason Wayne is hating on the THUNDER is because James Harden is now dating rapper TRINA…so of course hes going to hate. Think about this Harden only had 6points 4 fouls in Game 1 he could not even focus with Weezy on front row antagonizing him….Now if your going to report report right. I am born & raised in Oklahoma AND black and they aint bit more prejudice than any of the other United States. Weezy needs some relevance so as long as you all keep reporting his name is in the news….facebook…twitter who cares!!!!THUNDER UP!!

  • dxb

    This fucking asshole needs to take a trip to Syria to be reminded of what “being treated like shit” really means. I wish this fool would go scribble in notebooks with Canibus somewhere in La La Land.

  • kris kross

    Fuck lil Wayne dissing my Team….OKC OKC OKC!!!!!
    Oklahoma is a young well rounded team that plays as a team
    The Key WORD “TEAM”
    Oklahoma unlike Miami’s Big 3 lol what a joke

  • casserole breath

    lil wayne is lou pearlman’s bitch

  • http://yahoo d

    hey lil wackey, you never showed oklahoma love even when we took in ya FAMILY (katrina….hah) didnt do no free nothin….not even supported ya team when down here so…shut-up
    Now we have SUPA-STARS all over oklahoma now…sooo
    move to miami cause blue and orange dont need you period

  • http://http// ex

    Wayne don’t really care about what anyone says about him he have a damn good life. Without your comments and personally don’t anyone know anything about him to make comments like this, see that’s what this world is all about haters. Wayne don’t have to run after Women he have a good dime peace, so that means peace out to all of you.

  • twizzle_loc

    what a bitch… fucc lil wayne, always cryin bout somethin… THUNDER UP BITCHES!!!!

  • shy

    he need to buy a team and then call shots