Lil’ Kim on Drake/Chris Brown Fight: “What I Know About Drake is He is B*tch Made”

Lil’ Kim is not a fan of Drake. The Queen Bee has made that the clear in the past and she definitely still feels that way now, especially in lieu of the Drizzy/Chris Brown brawl at W.i.P. nightclub in New York City last Wednesday (June 13).

“Drake’s a bottom – y’all know what I mean when I say that,” Kim recently said during an interview with PRLOG. ”What I know about Drake is he is bitch-made. Meaning he’s an instigator, and a pussy. He had no issue stepping to Lil Kim, I’m like five feet tall. But he didn’t try stepping to Chris, a man, because he’s simply a coward.

“At the end of the day, you don’t gotta be a tough guy to be a rapper, but don’t dress up in gangsta drag when you a bitch,” Kim continued going in on Drake.

The Queen Bee added that she thinks people as a whole are just too hard on Breezy.

“He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and he and Rihanna have moved on with their lives,” she said. “But since that incident it’s so easy to blame Chris.”

Kim’s beef with Drake stems back to a 2010 concert, in which Drizzy and Kim’s nemesis, Nicki Minaj, were performing and Drake proclaimed:

“I don’t give a fuck what Lil’ Kim or nobody else is talking about, you’re the baddest chick to ever run this shit!” Drake said in the direction of his Young Money labelmate Nicki, “I respect you too much, so I’m not gonna call you the baddest bitch in the game, I’m gonna say you’re the baddest woman in the game.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • slimmwood

    irrelevant…i’d still creampie that ho tho

    • $yk

      Do you know what the word irrelevant really means?

      Kim is speaking about a current subject, Drake & Nicki have said things about her which would make her view of the situation quite relevant. Now you stating your desire to have sex with Kim IS irrelevant to the whole situation.

  • Rickyrossdafake

    He is BITCH MADE
    Most drake fans are not even hip hop r&b fans, i work with 2 white girls 19 & 21 both listen to pop music & whats on the radio and they both love drake and went to see him in concert

    • Andy Macmillan

      @RickyRoss – What does being white or listing to pop have to do with the legitimacy of a hip hop fan? Can white people not be true hip hop fans? Sounds a bit racist. Especially considering the top selling rapper of the past decade was a WHITE guy. I think you should try to be more open minded and less of a bigot.

      • number1priority

        Yeah thats true, im white from the uk, the point of them being white was irrelevant but the rest about pop music thats what im feeling he was tryna make the point of and thats undeniably true

      • po

        record sales dont make u a good rapper & yea 99% of white people cant rap & white people buy rap albums that they think black people approve of. its always been that way

    • SecondChanceBro

      Dude I am black from the inner city and Drake is one of my favorite artist, what all of you “Gangsta’s” need to understand is everybody that enjoys Hip Hop does not want to hear about murdering everybody, riding on 40 inch rims and selling bricks.

      • po

        all drake raps about is being on 1 or money or bodying people or sleeping with every girl in the world. get real u dont kno any gangstas


        fuck you and Drake,you probably take bubble baths and listen to that simp,and syk, just shut up bitch dont act like you went to HOWARD hoe just mad cause she got cream pieD last night!!!!!!

  • Andy Macmillan

    I found 4 major grammatical errors in this one short article. None of which could be attributed to slang or dialect. Does your editor even read the articles before they’re published? Does your editor speak English? Is there even an editor employed there? Can 4th graders send in articles to be published on XXL? Just wondering.

    • Chadfella_UK


  • Andrew Macmillan

    @RickyRoss – What does being white or listing to pop have to do with the legitimacy of a hip hop fan? Can white people not be true hip hop fans? Sounds a bit racist. Especially considering the top selling rapper of the past decade was a WHITE guy. I think you should try to be more open minded and less of a bigot.

    • alderman j

      mc hammer was top selling rapper of the decade at one point also!!!! and what that means is RECORD SALES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO IS A GOOD RAPPER AND WHO IS NOT, because juding by these stats TWO OK RAPPERS HAD THE MOST SALES IN A DECADE, while NAS STRUGGLES TO GO PLATINUM…no knowledge of the game…SALES ARE IRRELAVENT!!!

      • Andrew Macmillan

        MC Hammer was a pioneer. Obviously you don’t know your hip hop. He brought a positive message through hard hitting lyrics. One might say he’s the Michael Jackson of hip hop. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you should start reading Tiger Beat instead. That seems to be your music.

      • SecondChanceBro

        Sales are not irrelevant, but you do have to put them in context. Whats wrong with Hip Hop is to many fans do not totally comprehend it, therefor Hip Hop is consistently misrepresented. Learn the history, there are plenty Hip Hop Documentaries on Youtube. Until then SHHHHH.

  • alderman j

    lil kim and canibus are going on a 25 city tour this summer sponsered by TIDE, its the ALL WASHED UP TOUR!! Tickets 20$ or you can by a box of tide and there might be two free tickets in there!!!

    * *SOULJA BOY will be appearing in select cities **

    • Andy Macmillan

      “buy” a box of tide. Apparently grammar isn’t your strength.

      • slimmwood

        ….rather emotional/sensitive today aren’t we? lol, damn


      Alderman j fails to be funny, but this is no surprise.

    • cditty78

      whatever she is on tour as we speak.and the tour is doing great,without an save it .when are you going on,never.why? because you is bum.QUEEN BEE allday

  • Fake Interview

    Lil Kim’s people are denying that this interview even happened. I believe her. She hasn’t biten her tongue about Drake before, but this interview is a fake.

  • stanley

    lol.. Drake is a bottom he likes it raw too. But ah Lil kim is bad, she just did a concert infront of 50,000 people on her own, without Hot 97 or any radio channel.. she the QUeen

    • prettyineyes

      i agree too

  • Andy Macmillan

    Kim just mad that Drake is so handsome

  • http://xxl Casey

    I agree with Kim, saying that people are just being too hard on Chris, everybody’s Dick riding RiRi thinking they gonna get some cutting if they gonna go against Chris,Dude done did his bid,let it go, lets party…..

  • Anonymous

    Damn Kim is a hater. Stop drinking that hatorade. Why would you talk about another guy like that knowing damn well he wouldn’t knock you out because you’re a woman. You are such a hater right now lol. Its sad.

  • po

    lil kim had plastic surgery

  • Diamondz

    @Andy Mcmillian “Shut the fuck up”

  • Evansusher

    To hell wit Kim. Y so mad at Drizzy? I wish i can transform de queen bee to an ant. Neva bite de finger dat feeds ya’ Queen bee.. It aint Drizzy’s fault..

  • MmmHMM


    • prettyineyes

      u hear me! she going ham! lol n im happy