James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond Found Guilty in Drug Trial

114. You know I’m gang affiliated, don’t get naughty/We could call Henchman —“Dedicated”

The verdict in the drug trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond is in—Guilty.

The music industry mogul and former manager of the Game was found guilty of all 13 charges against him in a Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday (June 5), as first reported by AllHipHop.com.

All trial long, federal prosecutors had been building their case against Rosemond, accusing him of shipping hundreds of kilograms of cocaine in a coast-to-coast operation dubbed the, “Rosemond Organization.”

Tuesday, a jury found Rosemond guilty. The former CEO of Czar Entertainment, which was managerially associated with acts like Game, Mike Tyson, Sheek Louch, Gucci Mane, Akon and Brandy, will be sentenced on a future date. He’s facing life in prison.

“I am very disappointed,” Rosemond’s attorney Gerald Shargel said. “I thought that there were reasons to doubt and we intend to pursue and appeal and take advantage of all legal remedies available to us.

“As I said in my closing statements, the prosecution that in my view could not be trusted,” he added. “It rested in large part on the word of people who have been proven to be liars again and again, who hoodwinked the government again and again with their previous lying and the government seems so willing to embrace these people, these cooperators. I’m still under the view that the prosecution’s case could not be trusted, but I have to deal with the verdict. I’m going to continue fighting for Jimmy.”

Shargel added that he plans on filing motions during the summer in trying to appeal before the sentencing is scheduled on October 19.

Today’s ruling aside, former Los Angeles Times reporter, Chuck Phillips, had long tried to link Rosemond to being involved in the 1996 murder of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • one ko

    He got what he deserved this a lesson for so call wanna be gangstar crime doesn’t pay been locked up 23hr a day and told what to do aint cool

  • Against All Odds

    I heard he was light skinned, stocky with a Haitian accent
    Jewelery, fast cars and he’s known for flashing (What’s his name???)
    Listen while I take you back (NI**A SAY HIS NAME!) and lace this rap
    A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack
    Knew he was workin for the feds, same crime, different trials
    Ni**a, picture what he said, and did I mention
    Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time
    I know you bi+ch ni**as is listenin, The World Is Mine
    Set me up, wet me up, ni**as stuck me up
    Heard the guns bust but you tricks never shut me up
    Touch one of mine on everything I own
    I’ll destroy everything you touch, play the game ni**a
    All out warfare, eye for eye
    Last words to a bi+ch ni**a, “WHY YOU LIE?!?”
    Now you gotta watch your back, now watch your front
    Here we come, gunshots too Tutt, now you stuck
    #uck the rap game, ni**a this M-O-B

  • Nocturnal

    I know Pac is Crip walking in heaven Right about now…..

  • Nocturnal

    No XXL you are inaccurate.. Henchman had nothing to do with the murder of Pac In 96 He did have ALOT to do with the shooting at Quad Studios back in 94.. he was the one who paid the guys to rob pac…..

    • The Outlawz

      No you’re wrong, he paid someone to kill Pac. Out here we know the truth.

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