Jadakiss Talks Ruff Ryders Reunion Performance at Rock The Bells

One of the highlights of this year’s Rock The Bells concert is bound to be the Ruff Ryders reunion, featuring the likes of DMX, D-Block, Eve, Drag-On and Swizz Beatz.

Jadakiss recently talked to XXLMag.com about the upcoming reunion and set.

“It’s gonna feel great to be on that stage,” Jada said. “Of course I do a bunch of shows with Styles and Sheek, but to actually have Eve up there is gonna be great.  We haven’t been on stage since the Ruff Ryder/ Cash Money tour, so I think it’s gonna be crazy!”

And what should fans looking forward to the Double-R reunion expect, September 1 and 2 in Holmdel, New Jersey.

“A lot of energy, a lot of your favorite songs, just a good time,” Kiss proceeded to say. “Like a big party on stage is what I’m anticipating. Swizz is gonna catch a couple of the shows along with probably Drag-On. I mean, you’re gonna get that real Ruff Ryder feel up there.”

Chang Weisberg, head of Guerilla Union, which sponsors Rock The Bells stated: “It’s not hard to look at the bill and start connecting dots; It’s not advertised, but I think with enough encouragement, we might get to see a real Ruff Ryders reunion. From this year, every fan at a Rock The Bells festival knows they just witness something important. It wasn’t just a concert.”

Rock The Bells is scheduled to have two dates in San Bernardino, California (August 18-19), before heading to Mountain View, CA for two more dates (August 25-26) and Holmdel (September 1 and 2).—Chanel Clark

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  • francis nasim

    hi kiss hyows ya boxin game?we at g-unit want you!!!-here lets take a “lets get it in”ti shirt.c ya later

    • Chong

      C, always talkin’ shit.
      Ur makin’ a show of urself!
      Cnt u c, that u dnt make sense u fkin retard?!

  • Macky

    who gives a fuck about the Ruff Ryders? This Group was founded only to establish a bunsh of solo artists. DMX turned out to be a fuckin junky..(no wonder why he´s such a weirdo)
    EVE had a good run but then she swichted to pop music and now her career is dead too. LOX founded a mediocre group but they couldn´t creat the same buzz, like back in the Ruff Ryders days. Swizz is still active but not like he used to. Drag-ON never had a career.

    So at the end of the day it´s just a bunch of solo artists, who are despairingly trying to save their careers.
    certainly they will fail.

    • http://xxl cmg23

      yo thats some ignorant shit right there, how are gonna say ruff ryders aint shit…man this kid is better off listening to lil wayne or some other cash money bullshit artist, people like you encourage that soft pussy ass rap over REAL HIP HOP

      • Macky

        well, well..how about to disproof my argument?
        calling me ignorant but all you can came up with is YMCM and some randome bullshit about REAL HIP HOP…
        you know what? I´m not even mad at you. Actually i feel sorry for you, because you can´t even argue for something that´s so important to you.
        Sorry dude the Ruff Ryders are, or should i say they were, a commercial group only to establish certain artis.
        Now their careers are dead and they try to pull off the same thing again. It´s not going to work out this time.

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  • foreal

    easy now ladies!….It’s only music.