Game Jabs Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on “Pop That” Freestyle

Game is keeping the jabs toward other MCs going.

After throwing a few light shots toward Nelly and NBA star Tony Parker over his “Burn” freestyle yesterday (June 27), the Compton rhyme slinger honed in on more  targets on his latest freestyle over French Montana’s, “Pop That”—Kanye West and his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

“Copped the Air Yeezy’s never wear that, though/You fuckin’ Kim K, ni–a share that ho,” Game spit on the track.

He also addresses Kanye’s former flame, Amber Rose.

“Amber Rose ain’t got nothin’ on Maliah, Meagan Good ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna and I know Tyga, how I know Tyga?, Meagan Good ain’t got nothing on Chyna,” Game spits. “Shit…Japan ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna/Wish that was me, nothin’ on Chyna/Damn, there I go again, I ain’t tryna start nothin’ about speakin’ nothin’ on Chyna!”

This comes after he poked fun at Nelly’s and Tony Parker for suing NYC’s W.i.P. nightclub, where the infamous Chris Brown/Drake brawl occurred, for $20 million over Meek Mill and Big Sean’s “Burn” freestyle.

“Nelly what the f-ck is Nelly/Got a b-tch yelling E.I./While a ni–a watching Belly,” he fires on the record mentioning the St. Lunatic and Hype Williams’ 1998 directed film “Belly.” Tony Parker, who recently filed a lawsuit against NYC’s W.i.P. nightclub after claiming his cornea was scratched as a result of flying shards of glass during the alleged Chris Brown and Drake bottle-throwing melee, was also took a jab on the record as Game poked fun at the point guard’s injury and his impending case. ”We ain’t thrown’ bottles, n-gga/We gon’ get them hammers in…Tony Parker’s suing, real n-ggas know that’s that hoe sh-t.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • AZ40

    That is what I kinda thought when ye and kim got together, I mean that chick gets passed around like the spliff.

    • CaponeMOB

      WOW 40 Glocc took a fucking big ass L. he says they edited the film and shit,i dont care how much you edit a film you CANT make a nigga have those fearful dumb struck facial expressions and make a nigga say,”i just got jumped” whats goin on” damn 40 Glocc raps so gangsta,and they say he has more street cred then game,but he looking like Game did on change of heart. and he said they had a “gun” alright they probaly did but you know damn well they werent goin to film him getting shot,so right there you knew they werent goin to let the Hammers bang. shit were im from and we see niggas flashing guns we scream BUST Nigga,or we say fuck that gun and lets Square up and Box nigga.

      Note to studio Gangstaz: if you are being filmed chances are a fucking big time rapper aint goin to kill you cuz he’s risking to much to kill some studio gangsta. AND if you are being filmed you gotta act like you act in the studio when your makin them shoot’em up bang bang songs. square up with the nigga, if he knocks you out fuck it,atleast you dint run and you live another day to scheme on the nigga.and get a fucking BOXING instructor,not only to defend yourself from other studio gangstaz but its Healthy also and you will stay in shape. all that time and money and niggaz still getting chased like little bitches by other studio gangstaz…SMH


    classic GAME..ripping tracks to PIECES…support RED, hiphop lives on with GAME…and to the haters, if REd was a failure, then why did interscope keep him signed for his last and final album, F.I.V.E…

  • Tracy

    That is played out, trying to come up on dissing other rappers. Have a seat Game, you will never get Kanye status.

    • X

      yea for sure Game will never be a fake ass faggot like Kanye



  • atl

    foogazey fk boi

  • alderman j


  • DaRealest

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. If u real u gon feel dis nigga flow. True hiphop heads got to hear dis!!

  • Joon

    This is why the homie NaS deserves all the props in the world for Life Is Good.. A New York Emcee who FINALLY dropped an album in the last couple of years that didnt ‘borrow’ flows from the Souf’ to cater to a different market who didnt ‘borrow’ beats from the Souf’ to get airplay. Hip Hop is and always will be about ‘reppin your region’ I dont care if its Paree or Canada or parts unknown lemme know where YOU from. I ont wanna hear French Montana flowin like he from Montana rep ya hood ma N**ga..

  • Opinionated

    He is always talking about somebody with his wack ass. His wife look like his mother. This wannabe makes me sick! All he raps about is his Air Forces 1′s, his 6 4 impala, and being a blood. Now that’s played out so he needs 15 other artist to do features just to finish an album. He was never as good as the other WC rappers and if it wasn’t for 50, he wouldn’t have made it this far. This is what happens when you give an ignorant wanna be thug too much hype. I will be glad when someone else puts him in his place.