Eye Candy Showdown: Azalea vs. Azealia

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    Azalea vs. Azealia
    Choosing sides in the Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea beef is ultimately up to a listener's musical preference. Choosing sides in our Eye Candy showdown also comes down to preference, but the <em>XXL</em> staff is having trouble reaching a consensus. Both are among the prettier female MCs the game has seen, but who reigns supreme? <em>XXL</em> staffers admittedly slept on Banks initially, but the fiery Harlemite recently became a frequent conversation piece around the office since the release of her "Liquorice" video and her spread in <em>Paper</em> Magazine. But, Iggy's not chop liver either. Look through our extensive gallery if you need help making up your mind then vote. — <em>XXL</em> Staff
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  • wat

    Banks (buck teeth, weird shaped head) is kinda busted and Iggy (strong face, massive height) is kinda manly. Not sure who wins.

  • Azealia Wins…

    War of words? Funny. Azealia has moved on from this. Iggy is desperate for the buzz Azealia has, so she continues to talk about it. XXL backed the wrong chick and since they can’t dare say Iggy is better than Azealia on the mic, they are now trying to turn this into a looks contest. Stop XXL. You backed trash and look dumb. There needs to be no comparision between these two. Azealia is obviously going to be the big star while Iggy models and possibly ends up doing p0rn.

    • wat

      You have it backwards. Iggy didn’t want to talk about it from the beginning. Banks kept the “beef” going with her usual twitter rants. Also radio stations keep pestering Iggy about it. I think both chicks are garbage but the truth has to be known.

  • slimmwood

    both these yaks will get nutted on for different reasons…


  • Dillon

    azealia banks is jsut not pretty she is so ugly to me

  • Malcyvelli

    Man, you act like iggy is 6’4 or some shit, bitch is only 5’10, calm down, her face is nice and that ass is fantastic, banks is good to go too, you sound like somebody with unattainable standards and therefor gets no pussy because no one is good enough

  • that nigga

    That ass photo of Iggy is just plain not fair.


      that could have been the only picture of her and she still would have won in my opinion.

  • assassassassassass

    picture 47 says it all

  • Bryant K. Oden

    Trill talk. In my opinion I think they both are pretty. But Azaelia Banks is more exciting! I bet she’s better in the bedroom. Something about her swag. I connect to her Banks on another level. But Iggy is the homegirl tho’.

  • http://xxl Casey Moya

    Id have to go with Iggy, its was a close call doe, coz both these young ladys have something hot, however Iggy is not too busy and simplicity and less works, Clean,,,,

  • http://xxlmag.com Wizard412

    Iggy ass!!! OMG!!

  • Iconic Iggy

    When ever its Azealia vs Iggy, Iggy wins. Iggy always wins. Azealia looks nasty

  • Iconic Iggy

    Iggy always beats Azealia in polls and competitions lol

    • RomanTM

      Let us know when Iggy becomes a better rapper than Azealia

  • ThaReal!!

    Come on we all know ( even blacks ) white women are better looking!
    & as for this fight Iggy gonna win all over not even the ” black hip-hop ” community are fucking wid Azaelia lol
    White peeps doing black is where the money$ is at & we all niggerz lov money #Real
    ( Oh im a AR at a Label so we know how you like your music )

  • YoungRS

    White girl hot.

  • Z.K.0

    ahaha both Nothin but bitches Too Hip Pop Culture its just that iggy is way more hotter cuz she white an more fan’s follow her cuz OF the ( . ) ( . ) No offense…

  • Ninja Boi

    Iggy Azalea is a paid supermodel though…soo this was really kind of unfair to begin with lol

  • JBA$ED

    Iggy is better overall, But I like Banks better just me….

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