DMX on Watch the Throne: “What’s That a TV Show or Something?” [Video]

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne was arguably the best rap album of 2011. The LP spawned seven singles, including “Otis,” “Niggas in Paris,” “Gotta Have It” and “No Church in the Wild.”

But as popular as it is with rap fans, ask DMX about The Throne’s hit album and he’s clueless.

“DMX, did you listen to Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West?” Q Deezy of Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia asked the Dog last week live on the air.

“What is that a TV show or something?” DMX questioned. “What you call it? What’s it called again? Watch the Throne

“You didn’t check that out?” Q Deezy responded.

“No, no, no,” X said bluntly and disinterested.

It’s not the first time that X didn’t know of something deemed big to mainstream pop culture. When XXL informed X about President Obama in 2008, who was then running to become Commander-in-Chief, the Dog said he wasn’t “paying much attention” to the Presidential race.

“Barack Obama? That ain’t no fuckin’ name yo. You can’t be serious.”

X does fully know who Obama is now, making that clear in a game of word association with Q Deezy.

“Boomer,” Q Deezy said.

“Dog,” DMX shot back.

“Hip-hop,” the host tossed X’s way.

“Sucks,” X fired back.

“Jay-Z,” he asked.

“Lips,” X responded.

“Def Jam.”


“Ruff Ryders?”


“Barack Obama?”

“That nigga!”

“Meek Mill?”

“I like him!”

X dropped The Weigh In mixtape in May and is currently working on his Undisputed comeback album.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Omegasun

    Aint this MotherFucker on a T.V. show

  • Justin

    Xis funny as hell with that word association. And as for “Watch The Throne” being the best album of 2011…..maybe as far as mainstream albums go. Tat shit was corny

  • Justin

    I honeslty think that DMX who kill Jay in they were to beef today. X is getting his shit together (personally and musically), Jay fell the fuck off.

    • Justin

      ^^ *would*

  • Mr. West

    really XXL that shit was a commercial album, (I aint hating) WTT is no where near rap album of the year. And the fact that yall E-printed that shit how full of shit you guys are too…thanks for supporting “real” hiphop.

  • atown don

    I swear DMX is one of the biggest HATERS in Hip Hop! Im not even a JayZ or Kanye fan but who doesnt know or have heard of their album…. Also if Hip Hop sucks so much WHY are you attempting to make a comeback (looking like Larry Holmes flabby & sick)?? Just bow out if thats the case, cause i wouldnt wanna associate myself with anything thats wack! & finally DMX constantly makes closet HOMO statements! The first thing that comes to mind when JayZ was said was his lips… Man cmon son! (Doesnt like Drake’s walk & the way he looks) Maybe that explains why crack man X cant stay outta jail

  • dxb

    Y’all know he’s joking, man. His freestyle that brought his career back into focus this past year was over the Otis beat! You don’t think he figured out at any point where the beat was from?

  • russell

    Watch the throne is wack as fuk. People gotta stop pretending like that was good in any way

  • Alex

    Watch the throne?! Best hip-hop album of 2011?! In a year of great hip-hop albums…. FUCKIN’ RIDICULOUS