Hip-hop fans have been waiting for A$AP Rocky to announce a release date for his new album, LongLiveA$AP. They can finally stop waiting.

After a bit of prodding from Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM personality, Mina SayWhat, A$AP caved in and unleashed the release date of his highly-anticipated debut album—September 11.

“And the album, LongLiveA$AP, September…” Mina SayWhat said. “September…September…

“Why you keep asking me the same question?” the Harlem rhyme slinger responded with a huge grin on his face.

“September…” the undeterred interviewer persisted.

“Eleventh,” said A$AP finally answered.

LongLiveA$AP—It’s well anticipated, been working on it for about, going a year now, ever since LiveLoveA$AP dropped,” said A$AP, referencing the time between his mixtape and album. “I’m working on LongLiveA$AP and I’m feeling like this is my best work yet. I feel like it’s LiveLoveA$AP, matured. It’s everything that I did in the prior tape, but just better and matured…more advanced. That’s how I feel.”

A$AP proceeded to tell Mina that although she mentioned collaborations with the likes of Pharrell and Swizz Beatz, that fans shouldn’t expect a star-studded affair on his debut LP.

“The album, like forreal, forreal, even though you naming like a bunch of A-list celebs…it’s not even like that,” he disclosed. “It’s not about the celebs, yo.”

A$AP has kept his name and sound bubbling via his “Goldie” video and guest appearances for the likes of Swizzy (“Street Knock”), Usher (“Hot Thing”) and Lana Del Ray’s “National Anthem,” the video for which has the duo starring as John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy.—Mark Lelinwalla