Boxing fans all over the world reacted furiously to the controversial split-decision that had Timothy Bradley defeating Manny Pacquiao in their welterweight title bout at the MGM Grand on Saturday night (June 9) in Las Vegas.

Fans watching the bout thought Pacquiao dominated the fight and should have been declared the victor. The decision created a stir of controversy with many fans alleging that the fight was fixed because promoter Bob Arum handles both pugilists, so a Pacquiao loss and subsequent rematch between the two would ensure an extra payday.

One such fan—and the best friend of currently-imprisoned boxer Floyd Mayweather—is 50 Cent.

“Man boxing is a mess right now what ever you do,” 50 took to his Twitter saying on early Sunday morning (June 10). “Do not watch the rematch its fixed. both fighters are with the same promoters There just trying to get paid twice.

“At least you know floyd fight to win Pacman won they just gave the win to there other fighter to make the rematch DAMN,” he continued, mentioning Mayweather, who is currently serving out a three-month sentence for a 2010 domestic violence incident. “They don’t want to make the floyd fight happen so there pulling this sh*t on us wow.”

And 50 wasn’t quite done, poking fun at Pacquiao, whom every boxing fan is still waiting to see fight Mayweather some day.

“pacman lol they R making a fool out of U,” ’Fif added. “Look at the bright side. rematch, make them some more money. LMAO.”

50 wasn’t the only MC to react to what he had just seen during the late Saturday night bout.

“In case I forgot to tell yall because I was intoxicated last night, I’m DONE with Boxing #UFC,” tweeted Slaughterhouse member Joell Ortiz, dedicating the hash tag to boxing’s staunchest competitor, the mixed martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Added his fellow Slaughterhouse member, Royce da 5’9”:

“Wow.. An actual “Fixed fight” in 2012.. Bob Arum you a Mu*fucka..”

Perhaps most blunt was Waka Flocka:

“#RIPBoxing,” the Brick Squad rapper tweeted. “REMATCH #smh.”—Mark Lelinwalla