One of the more poignant segments of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with 50 Cent was when the G-Unit General broke down in tears, talking about the loss of his mother.

“This is what kind of got me away from them upstairs—The basement,” he explained, showing cameras around his grandma’s basement. “Even though it was small. I was really running away from having to deal with people. I didn’t communicate well with the loss of my mom. I actually never really spoke to anybody about it. She was everything. She was like my mother, my father. Everything. My grandparents always took care of me.

“My grandmother, she did…everything she could do for me,” added ’Fif, wiping the tear off his face.

While continuing to remember his mother, who died when he was only eight, during part two of the interview, the tears kept flowing for 50.

“My mom had me at 15, so it felt like the only real option would be to hustle from her point of view,” 50 shared in the second part of his interview with Oprah. “I don’t think she would have agreed with me going in that direction of hustling. I don’t think she wanted that for me. But the other part of the music, I think she would be really proud of me.”

The second part of Oprah’s interview with 50 will be shown on Oprah’s Next Chapter on the Oprah Winfrey Network on Sunday (June 17) at 8 p.m.

Part two also has 50 explaining hip-hop’s battle culture—as he’s done many, many times in the past—only this time for Oprah to understand.

“Battling has always been a part of the culture, so in order to create the challenge, they say something that irritates another artist and they compete and they go back and forth,” said of rappers. “Sometimes it’s just part of the game and there’s other times where people start to take to it just because the other person is the underdog at that point.

“Even when I put out ‘How to Rob’ …because they portray a lifestyle that represents one percent of our population and is financially in a great space,” he added. “I wrote the record and I said I know this will get some attention and it worked. It actually got a response from Jay-Z.”—Mark Lelinwalla