Russell Simmons Hopes to Help Drake and Chris Brown Bury Their Beef

Russell Simmons hopes he can help step in and help squash the beef between Chris Brown and Drake.

“The situation that occurred [Wednesday] night between Chris Brown and Drake should not have happened, but as a yogi and a supporter of non-violence, I can call the two young men and encourage them to bury their beef,” the hip-hop mogul and co-founder of the pioneering Def Jam label wrote on Global Grind. “It is a luxury we have as men with resources…we can settle our problems without taking it to the next level.”

Although Simmons was displeased to learn about the wild bar brawl between the artists’ camps at New York City’s W.I.P. that left Brown with a nasty gash, he believes the incident was part of a bigger problem with urban culture.

“We can focus on ending the beef between Drake and Chris Brown, which is important, because none of us want this to escalate,” he continued. “However, let us also take a moment to reflect upon why we have become so violent. Why did 53 people get shot in Chicago? Why did J. Futuristic get shot six times in Atlanta? Why did Lil Phat get killed after getting shot 20 times? This violence has become the norm for our people, and it absolutely devastates me.”

“I fight every single day to bury beefs, and I will call Drake and Chris to bury theirs,” Simmons added. “But, just because I might be able to stop two artists from fighting, doesn’t mean I can make the call for the 53 kids in Chicago. If you think the violence in the industry is bad, check the hood.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • Duce McLoose!-”The Happy Rapper”

    LEAVE & LIVE by Duce McLoose is on itunes, amazon, zunes, spotify,, etc… Listen to it.

  • Anonymous

    Russel Simmons is absolutely right. The violence in the hood is unacceptable. We should have a culture celebrating peace rather than one that respects violence acts toward one another. Its time to stop trying to beat each other down thinking we’re more macho and respected. In the end we all lose if we continue with that train of thought and radical behavior. If we’re peaceful we can focus on our progression without trying to look or act “tough” all the time. Its difficult to unify as a people when we’re watching our back all the time. Lets change the culture to reflect something positive. It starts with the people at the bottom and the top. Rappers, Producers, and Community Leaders all have a huge impact in our cultural improvement.

  • Chris.D.Knight

    ‎#RealTalk Russell Simmons! Peace is necessary! Build wealth not war! If cats got a problem and they’re as hard as they pretend to be then they should put the guns down n go n settle it in the UFC octagon! #GetPaidNotDead peace! – Chris “FWyine Magazine” Knight

  • francis nasim

    well im sure you all cant wait for the gm to make a statement about this,and let me just say that baby from cash money doesn’t have a prayer in the ring against that last comment i made illegal/.again brian williams,i feel for you because right now i see your baby pictures and drake and i go way back.sleep tight!!!

  • meaux

    ain’t no need 4 a mediator 2 settle chris brown & drake’s beef. neither of them will take it to the next level due to their simpin ways.

  • Bill Cosby

    Russell need to sit down somewhere with that Kumbaya bullshit when he his record label had artist that promoted violence and influenced it in our kids. And as far as trying to help squash beef, we still have unfinished business ma fucka!