20 Hottest Sports Personalities

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    Pam Oliver
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    20 Hottest Sports Personalities
    A woman that can watch the game and keep up is hard to find. A dime that can carry an informed conversation about ball is more rare than Lil B. That’s why all of the beauties that work the sidelines, locker rooms and anchor desks are such a valued part of the sports viewing experience. Every dude has imagined what it would be like to have a heated debate with Michelle Beadle or Sage Steele before releasing all of the tension with a steamy postgame romp. To celebrate the sports world’s sexiest media members, <em>XXL</em> scouted out the 20 Hottest Sports Personalities in the game. — <em>XXL</em> Staff <a href="http://twitter.com/xxl">@xxl</a>
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    20. Hannah Storm
  • Rachel-Nichols-Standup-1024x522
    19. Rachel Nichols
  • carrie-milbank hot
    18. Carrie Milbank
  • 600full-melissa-stark
    17. Melissa Stark
  • lindsay-soto-total-access
    16. Lindsay Soto
  • Jenn-Brown-ESPN
    15. Jenn Brown
  • leeann-tweeden
    14. Leeann Tweeden
  • Colleen Dominguez
    13. Colleen Dominguez
  • Match Point premiere in Los Angeles
    12. Lisa Guerroro
  • Molly-Qerim-17
    11. Molly Querim
  • Jenn-Sterger-Jets
    10. Jenn Sterger
  • Melanie-Collins-3072
    8. Melanie Collins
  • 2009 - Michelle Beadle
    7. Michelle Beadle
  • Sara-Carbonero-006
    5. Sara Carbonero
  • inessainz
    4. Ines Sainz
  • 936full-erin-andrews-1
    3. Erin Andrews
  • Sage
    2. Sage Steele
  • AM
    1. Adriana Monsalve

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  • Really?

    Pam Oliver ugly as shit ..bad list overall

  • joolio

    Pam’s face ain’t what it used to be, but she’s the only one on that list w a fatty

  • http://MSN T.I.A. (This Is Afrika…)

    This part is dedicated to eye candy. Lets not get it twisted. Just because we love sport doesn’t mean we should comprise the true meaning and essence of eye candy. This lady ain’t fly…I’m I the only one that sees that GRILL!!!!!! Big Ass Forehead and whack weave…C’mon Man!!! If she’s number 1…I don’t wana see the rest…!!!!!!!!

  • Blaq Kratos

    No Lisa Salters, but yall got Pam Oliver…FOH!


  • snick187

    Pam oliver looks like adele givens

  • http://yahoo.com big swizz

    how da hell Sage not be #1..have y’all been watchin sportscenter and the nba finals?????????????…Ms. Steele is a BAD B!*#H..period

  • AwkAwk

    Pam is the only one that yall see as ugly, what are yall looking at on Michelle Beadle? Her toes?