XXL Quick Hitters: Chief Keef, Shyne and Jay-Z, and J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar


Chief Keef

CHIEF KEEF: Bidding War Narrowed Down to Three Choices

“Three choices—[YM]CMB, CTE or Atlantic or something like that…I don’t know,” Keef told GlobalGrind about the labels that he’ll choose to sign to. [GlobalGrindTV]

Shyne Reunites With Jay-Z and Kanye West
The former Bad Boy reunites with Jay-Z and Kanye West at Cannes, France, as part of Yeezy’s celebration for his short film, Cruel Summer. [RapFix]
J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Working Together
Cole and K. Dot are definitely serious about their planned collaborative effort, as Cole posted a pic of the two lyricists working on music together. [DreamVillain]

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  • http://www.ticklemyelmo.com Ronny Turtle (not my real name)

    I swear if this kid Chief Kief makes it in the game. I quit. I will forever stop listening to music alltogether. Come on people…first it was Yung Joc,Yung Berg, and Yung Buck….and now this guy? How low is this industry willing to set its bar? I mean the music produced and may i say “written” by this guy are terrible. I DO NOT COSIGN THIS GARBAGE. Please may we respect the hip hop flag. I feel every time we listen to these certain guys the hip hop nation flag is being lowered more and more until they will take it down and set it to flames. I’m sure that homeless guy with the great radio voice will be the next to make it in the industry. STOP DISRESPECTING THE CRAFT (and just in case you don’t know the ignorant people or listen to this garbage music in the first place WILL NEVER BUY IT because they are broke). Obviously I’m a little peeved.

    • Jay Coupe

      Then don’t listen and/or buy his music! No need for a rant!

    • standen

      shut the fuck up and stop hating .. I bet yo ass wouldnt turn down that money ..

  • http://xxl BIGED

    ive been listening to rap all my life and i was born in 75′. i agree with mr. turtle, half the shit nowadays is straight trash…fuckin lil b, cheif keef, meek mil, wayne…how come all the real rappers get no love on these bitch ass websites except for tech n9ne…slaughterhouse, brotha lynch, showbiz & ag, kendrick lamar, eightball..those are real spitters. im not a hater i just cant stand the way the whole art of hiphop has been fucked in the ass and twisted…and then when a real good album comes out , xxl doesnt even acknowledge it.. SHOWBIZ & AG MUGSHOT MUSIC WAS THE ILLEST ALBUM TO DROP THIS YEAR AND ITS ONLY A MIXTAPE, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REVEIW..U CANT EXPECT THESE KIDS TODAY TO RESPECT THE ART IF XXL AND THESE OTHER SITES CONTINUE TO IGNORE REAL RAP. FUCK VANESSA STRAP-ON ON TOO SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!

    • Poortmans


      None of these so called ‘real’ hiphop websites even reviewed Mugshot Music and it dropped more than 2 weeks ago.

  • sosa

    why is yall hating on chief keef like that

    • sizzup

      cuzz he a bitch n a fake ass wannabe rapper.. i dont know n prob no one in this world knows how he got to where he is right now.. pure garbage..

  • ace

    you guys are missing the point. you listen to rappers like kendrick to well… chill out and listen to them. you listen to rappers like chief keef when you’re trying to get hype.