50 CENT: To Drop The 50th Law Comic Book

Remember The 50th Law, the book 'Fif put out with acclaimed author Robert Greene? Well, Tuesday (May 29), Amazon posted The 50th Law comic book, from SmarterComics, on its site for pre-ordering. Its publication date is October 10. [Amazon]

Shyne Creates Petition to Grant Return to The United States
After patching things up with Diddy and recently chillin' with Jay-Z, the former Bad Boy MC is seeking 25,000 signatures in hopes of gaining a United States visa to return to the country. Shyne is seeking the visa on the basis of good behavior and community service while and after completing his nine-year jail sentence. [HipHopDX]

Diddy Recruiting The Weekend Into Bad Boy Camp?
The mysterious Toronto crooner posted pictures of him poolside with Diddy and Cassie in Miami. The Weekend later partied alongside Diddy and DJ Khaled. Could The Weekend join French Montana as another Bad Boy signee? [The-Weekend Blog]

Just Blaze Tweets About Jail Experience in Paris
"I'm really in like.. Jail. Yes. I am tweeting. And yes I am in jail. in Paris. They are being cool and letting me keep my phone for now," the hit-making producer live tweeted on Memorial Day (May 28), while being detained. "They are asking me things I cant answer...I stopped French accelerated classes when I was 10..Handcuffs. I'm being cool about it. For those that have never had them. They hurt. And are very dehumanizing." Several hours later, Just Blaze was released. The exact reason of his arrest is currently unknown, although Blaze did tweet "BalledTooHard" after the ordeal. [@JustBlaze]


Saigon Says SOHH Misconstrued His Words, SOHH Releases Audio From Interview
"@rickyrozay Peace my N*gga, I have no idea where that bullsh*t on that website came from homie. U know its all love over here, alsways been," Saigon tweeted after originally criticizing Rozay for his raps about selling kilos of cocaine. After Sai accused of misconstruing his words, the hip-hop website unleashed audio of the full interview they conducted with Saigon. [SOHH]