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    Historically, rappers haven’t exactly been known as the most law-abiding citizens. Just last week Lil Boosie was found not guilty for murder, though he still remains incarcerated, serving out an 8-year sentence for drug possession. It seems like every other day, a rapper has a run in with the criminal justice system and while there’s just too many to count them all, here’s Hip Hop’s 15 Most High Profile Court Cases — <i>XXL</i> Staff (@XXLStaff)
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    <b>Artist:</b> C-Murder<p><b>Year:</b> 2002</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Murder</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty, sentenced to life in prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> In September 2003, Corey "C-Murder" Miller, brother of Master P and Silk the Shocker was convicted of second degree murder in the 2002 shooting death of 16 year old fan, Steve Thomas, in a Louisiana nightclub. However a retrial was ordered by Judge Martha Sasson when information surfaced regarding the criminal records of the prosecution's witness. The retrial took place on August 4th of 2009, where Miller was again found guilty by a jury vote of 10-2. He was sentenced to life in prison on August 15th, 2009.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Cassidy<p><b>Year:</b> 2005</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Murder, Attempted Murder, Reckless Endangerment, Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy, & Weapons Possession.</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault, & possession of an instrument of crime</p><p><b>Recap:</b> Barry Reese aka Cassidy turned himself into Philadelphia police in June of 2005 after a warrant was issued for his arrest following an April shooting that resulted in the death of Desmond Hawkins. Though he was originally charged with first degree murder, the prosecution's case took a drastic turn when the state's primary witness withdrew his confession. In January of 2006 he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and 2 counts of aggravated assault to which he was sentenced to 11 - 23 months in Pennsylvania's Curran-Fromhold Correctional facility. Reese was released from state custory in March of 2006 after serving eight months.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Big Lurch<p><b>Year:</b> 2003</p><p><b>Charge:</b> First-Degree Murder.</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> In the most bizarre and gruesome rapper-related crime, Texas MC Big Lurch murdered his then-21-year-old female roommate, Tynisha Ysais, and ate her body parts while under the influence of PCP back in 2002. A year later, Lurch was slapped with a life sentence.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Jay-Z<p><b>Year:</b> 1999</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Third-degree Assault</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Pled guilty, three years probation</p><p><b>Recap:</b> Hov caught an assault charge in 1999 after an altercation with record exec Lance “Un” Rivera at a Q-Tip album release party. Prosecutors alleged that Jay stabbed Un at New York’s now defunct Kit Kat Klub because he suspected him of bootlegging his album, Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter. The Jigga man took three years probation for the charge in 2001 and referred to the incident in future rhymes (“Dear Summer,” “I Did it My Way“) as well as his bestselling book, Decoded.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> G. Dep<p><b>Year:</b> 2012</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Second-Degree Murder.</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> In December 2010, G. Dep walked into the 25th Police Precinct, in Harlem, and shockingly confessed to shooting a man in a botched robbery attempt back in 1993. Despite being criticized by fans, the media and even the victim’s family, the former Bad Boy rapper said he felt unburdened and like the weight of the world was off his shoulders.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> T.I<p><b>Year:</b> 2007</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Weapon Possession, Possession of firearms by a convicted felon</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Pled guilty, sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in federal prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> Just hours before the 2007 BET awards Cliff “T.I.” Harris was arrested by Federal ATF agents in Atlanta. The arrest was made as part of an undercover sting operation in which T.I allegedly tried to purchase 2 fully automatic weapons, two silencers from undercover officers. According to the authorities, the cooperating witness, Tip’s bodyguard, was arrested just days earlier on similar charges, and cooperated with police in exchange for leniency in his own case. After posting a $3 million bond, T.I returned to court in February 2008 where he pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges. He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison and was released from federal custody in March of 2010.</p>
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    In light of the recent trouble Gucci Mane and Young Scooter have gotten themselves into (Free Bricksquad!), we've been looking through the mug shots of all of the rappers who've recently gotten in run-ins with the law. Now, we're not ones to condone bad behavior, and we know that cops are always on the look-out for rappers to slip up, but we thought the mix of these photos was pretty hilarious - from the spaced-out Flo Rida to the scowling Weezy to the utterly confused Tyler, The Creator. Click through to check out a gallery of the best rapper mug shots of all time.
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    <b>Artist:</b> Tupac<p><b>Year:</b> 1993</p><p><b>Charge:</b> First-degree sexual abuse</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty, sentenced to 1 ½ - 4½ years in prison</p><p><b>Brief Synopsis:</b> Tupac was arrested after a 19 year with whom he had had consensual intercourse with days prior, claimed he and three other men had forced her to perform oral sex on them in the rapper’s hotel room. Tupac rebutted that he had fallen asleep shortly after her arrival and woke up to the allegations of an assault. Tupac was convicted in the resulting trial where the judge described Pac’s alleged crime as “an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman” during sentencing. He was given 1 ½ to 4 ½ years in prison.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Remy Ma<p><b>Year:</b> 2008</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Intentional Assault</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty</p><p><b>Recap:</b> Terror Squad’s former first lady is currently serving an eight-year sentence for shooting former friend and associate Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the torso after an altercation over money in 2007. Allegations of witness tampering further complicated Remy’s situation and she was eventually handed a sentence that could keep her locked down until March of 2016. Remy’s husband, rapper Papoose, has famously stood by her throughout her bid, but after losing a her latest appeal in June 2011, Remy will have to wait until September 2014 for a parole</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Mystikal<p><b>Year:</b> 2003</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Sexual Battery, Extortion</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Pled guilty, sentenced to six years in prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> In June of 2003 Michael "Mystikal" Tyler pleaded guilty to sexual battery and extortion after he was accused of sexually assaulting his hairstylist alongside his two bodyguards, Leland Ellis, and Vercy "V" Carter. By taking the prosecution's plea deal, Mystikal was spared Louisiana's mandatory life sentence for sexual battery A video recording of the assault was found in Mystikal's home and though it was barred from being used as evidence during the trial, the judge viewed the tape during sentencing, and remanded the rapper to begin serving his six year sentence immediately.</p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Eminem<p><b>Year:</b> 2000</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Possession of a concealed weapon, Assault</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Pleaded guilty, given two years probation.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> Eminem was taken into custody after the then 27 year old rapper pulled a gun and pistol whipped a bouncer he allegedly saw kissing his wife, Kim, outside of a Detroit nightclub. Though the weapons charge carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison, Eminem was given two years probation for both charges. He later reenacted the incident on “The Kiss (Skit)” on his 2003 album, <i>The Eminem Show</i></p>
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    <b>Artist:</b> Lil Wayne<p><b>Year:</b> 2009</p><p><b>Charge:</b> Criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana.</p><p><b>Outcome:</b> Guilty and subsequently sentenced to a year in prison.</p><p><b>Recap:</b> On the same night that fellow rapper Ja Rule was arrested in New York City, Weezy was cuffed and slapped with charges of weapon and marijuana possession. Wayne’s one-year sentence was later reduced to eight months, as the Young Money boss was released from New York’s Rikers Island prison facility in November 2010.</p>

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