Wiz Khalifa Busted For Weed Possession, Again

Wiz Khalifa was busted yet agin after being found in possession of marijuana.

According to TMZ, the “Young, Wild & Free” rapper—who’s famously known for his ‘leafy’ rhymes—was ticketed last night (May 1) for possession of weed following a concert in Winston-Salem.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina reports that officers found about 11.39 grams of weed after searching his tour bus. Though he wasn’t arrested, Wiz was cited and released with a court appearance set to take place at a later date. The news comes after the Pittsburgh MC was slapped with a citation out in Nashville two weeks ago (April 21), when Metro Nashville Police found 3.7 grams of marijuana in his pocket at a Holiday Inn.

The celebrity news site reported that police responded to someone’s complaint about a strong odor of marijuana coming from Wiz’s room. When they arrived, the police reported “inside the rolling paper was a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana.”

As of press time Wiz’s camp has yet to address the incident. —Ralph Bristout

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  • kyle

    You no what after me and kyle read this we would like to congradulate wiz because he is a true stoner. Anybody with 3.7 grams of pot that is a real stoner. YEA BOY wiz khalifa your 2 best fanz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alex

      and so is this guy

  • alex

    man he”s fukin dumb

  • James Fuckyou

    SOOOOOO! Wiz is a weed smoker, and??? There’s no NEWS or anything interesting here…

    • alex

      amen brother

  • nocturnal

    Ok kyle… I will agree Wiz is a true stoner… but having 3 grams doesnt make him that…. its because he smokes so much… he is the cheech of our day…. you must not smoke cause 3 grams isnt really alot.. thats like a blunt or two… or 6 or 7 joints…. but He is indeed a true smoker… him, redman, method man, and snoop… thats the weed team right there….

    • adiomaster22

      i think your forgetting about bonethugs also dont do that

  • YourMom

    Wiz is a fucking dooshe bag. Makes the gayest music. All you Taylors out there are most faggot fans

    • Julia

      Right, and someone with the user name “Your mom” isn’t a “dooshe” bag at all.

      BTW, I’ll be nice help you a little bit here since it seems you need some grammar assistance. It’s spelled “DOUCHE.”

    • adiomaster22

      i think your forgeting bone thugs n harmony… you cannot forget them….

  • Richie Rolex

    When is the Hip Hop Community going to realize that law efforcement is watching videos just like the teenagers to see who are the culprits to go after. Stop making yourselves so identifiable to certain issues that are against the law. Open your eyes.

  • Dreamer

    that nigga probably wont never come back NC. that nigga done got busted for that shit twice in NC

  • Julia

    OHMYGOD. A STRONG ODOR OF MARIJUANA???? I hope the FBI is on this. We can’t have odors like that polluting our hotel hallways.