Waka Flocka Flame Covers XXL’s June 2012 Issue

He’s only been around three years and already everyone from the gangstas to hipsters love Waka Flocka Flame. The riotous rapper and architect of hits like “O Let’s Do It,” “Hard in da Paint” and “No Hands,” graces the cover of XXL’s June issue with a special revealing interview by XXL Digital Content Director Carl Chery. In the story Waka speaks on his fast rise to celebrity status, rumored controversy with fellow Brick Squad leader Gucci Mane, what it was like to live with Nicki Minaj, running a label, bringing gangsta back to hip-hop, his new album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family and the December 2011 murder of Waka’s good friend Slim Dunkin.

Here are some quotes from Waka’s interview:

-“I don’t feel like a celebrity, or this quote-unquote star everybody talk about. I guess Waka Flocka like a job, honestly. I’m at my job right now, so I gotta do it to my fullest.

-“I got a whole label, man. We fire. We the new Wu-Tang, Roc-A-Fella. We what these labels are trying to create right now. We the new Cash Money. Squad! Flockaveli was the return of gangsta. I brought gangsta back, man.”

-“I’m a hipster in my own sense. My little brother’s a hipster a little. Like, he’s a real fuckin’ hipster. Like, a rock-star hipster, so I fuck with ’em. U grew up fuckin’ with ’em. So it don’t matter. I’m with that. I smoke harder than them no matter what. I’m a “Flockster.”

-“Dunk died, I couldn’t do shit four months, almost five moths straight. I couldn’t stay down long forever, cause bills gotta be paid, mouths to be fed. But that shit took a toll on us, man. Like right now, from December to fuckin’ April…That’s how long it took me to bounce back my nigga. That shit crazy.”

Also in the issue XXL catches up with Slaughterhouse, Big K.R.I.T. Nas, and Killer Mike & El-P to talk about their new albums. Ice-T discusses his documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, and XXL explores the social conscience or possible lack of it in today’s hip-hop lyrics. Plus much more.

The June 2012 issue of XXL hits stands nationwide on May 29. In addition, there will be an Atlanta and New York City performance in conjunction with the release of the issue. Dates will be announced soon.—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

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  • the truth

    really xxl ???????? this silly ass minstrel show clown gets the cover ????? i mean…i guess nas or killer mike wasn’t worthy of the cover. i cannot cop this bullshit !!!!!!!!!

    • the real truth


      • Sigma john

        fuck Nas “the god son” u say!!!!! Fuck Vodo and Killa cam both trash bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://xxl HipHopSince88


    • CaponeMOB

      Man XXL yall completley failed,yall are missing the point on waka. just cuz niggaz Download FREE waka mixtapes dont mean they gon actually BUY this magazine with him looking like a dumb COON nigga on the cover..SMH thats it XXL,i’ve been buyin your Mag since 2001 with beanie seigal and jay-z on the cover,and im really feeling yall are becoming the SOURCE,and im really thinkin of not even easily STEALING this Mag no more,and Juicy J is goin to drop an album this year,if HE dont get the COVER on the eve of his album droping yall are no diffrent then them wack ass radio station playing bubble gum music all day with all they politics. Juicy J is a livin LEGEND that alone should grant him a cover, 21 years DEEP in the game and he’s still relevant, and now he’s more popular then ever. the reason this dumb COON nigga waka got popular its cuz of his uncle Bimmy from the supreme team,with all his NYC industry connects and him workin for Dej Jam,this nigga waka got no talent whats so ever,i seen niggaz RAP better DRUNK and HIGH in house parties and shit,or even back in high school bangin on the tables and shit.,,SMH

  • igravesatl

    You guys hatin on Waka is like people hatin on rap when it first came out. Folks finally got it that rap is not going away! Waka isn’t trying to be anything he is not. But one thing he is… HE IS GETTING BIGGER! This is HIS time and XXL recognizes it! Fans love him cuz he’s real, not trying to be lyrical, just bumping some crazy tracks and making hot club songs! Go check him out in concert with Drake. I’ll bet you’ll get it then!

  • BeantownReppin

    Funny…anyone who “loves” Waka does not love real hip-hop. Not interested in anything this talentless dude has to say…is he really gonna sell more issues?? Doubt it. May make the mailman take it back!

  • BeerGangsta

    Bullshit!! Where did you get this lie from. Everybody love Wacka!! Stop hitting the pipe xxlmag. Country bullshit music like this need to have funeral. This is an example why music have went down the dam drain.

  • CoogiBaby

    Waka Flocka SUCKS!!!!! N XXL yall suck too for acknowledgin such B.S. Where is the message in Hip-Hop!!!!

  • whochrisjones245

    Along with the cover having Waka Flocka on it, it reads, “What happened to the message in hip hop?”. Your cover answered your own fucking question.

  • http://XXL MIKE


  • igravesatl

    You can hate on Waka all you want. But I don’t hear anything relevant coming out of NYC accept French Montana WHO WAKA PUT ON!!! There are DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF HIP HOP, not just what NY has to offer. All the hits are coming from Atlanta. Even Nicki Minaj had to move here to get in there! Let me know when you get some NYC hits outside of your cars!




    Major fail. Another sorry- ass clown in the rap game gettin recognition he dont deserve.


    The current state of music sucks when the machine is relying on garbage music like this to rack up sales and the idiots who keep it on rotation.


    I will forever be a fan of lyrics first.I will never be caught buyin this shit ever, even if sorry ass drake wayne, waka, nicki or fat ass ross end up on a song from my favorite artists I still wont cop it. Im not keepin their pockets lined for their garabage ass half witted lyrics.

  • BeantownReppin

    I just want to know when artists like Termanology are gonna finally be recognized for their skills. Term will body Waka and every “artist” like him on his worst day yet the dude gets little love…where did the message go in hip-hop, XXL? There are different flavors of hip-hop and I like most of them…just don’t support bad music. On another note, I hate how a rapper who doesn’t produce their beats and gets love for the beats on an album even when the lyrics suck…like what do you really contribute then?? (Sorry, think I have read that in a lot of reviews and had to get that off my chest!)

  • Tom Genther

    ALL CAPS LOCK!!!! I literally hate the online community everywhere, its not even about expressing opinions anymore, people are just clowns and trolls. Flocka is gunna do his thing, if you don’t like him dont listen to him. Sometimes he can be lyrical, but all the time hes turn up and goes hard. Hes not a one hit wonder, he has major hits and keeps producing more, go cry somewhere else. He deserves a cover of a major magazine!! Flocka!!

  • DJ Greenbeans

    I’m sorry, but I have to call you out on this one, XXL: do you see how hypocritical it is to have Waka Flocka on the cover and right next to him advertise the article “What Happened To The Message In Hip-Hop?” If you’re looking for new and exciting artists who have the game in a frenzy, how about Kendrick Lamar?

  • the G.O.D


    The new gangsters= all talk, no action.


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