Tupac Shakur’s Family Says 2Pac Was Not Homophobic

Tupac Shakur was a lot of things, but homophobic wasn’t one of them.

Sources close to the Tupac estate recently told TMZ that the Shakur family feels very strongly that Suge Knight’s claims of 2Pac ending his business relationship with a famous hip-hop star because he believed the rapper was gay are “totally false.”

The source went on to tell the celebrity news website that Tupac couldn’t have been homophobic because he was great friends with late fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was an openly gay man.

TMZ goes on to report that Tupac participated in a Versace fashion show in Italy—wearing a Versace suit on the catwalk—back in 1996, the same year the rap legend was murdered.

This news comes on the heels of Tupac mania resurfacing after a hologram of the late great rap star appeared alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg during their Coachella music festival performance last month in California.

The life-like hologram drew rave reviews from rappers, fans and even Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur. A rep for Afeni told TMZ that she was absolutely thrilled that the image was made and appeared alongside Dre and Snoop. Dre reportedly made a donation to 2Pac’s charity following the performance.

Nick Smith, the president of AV Concepts, the San Diego company that created the hologram, told MTV News: “It was Dre’s vision to bring this back to life. It was his idea from the very beginning and we worked with him and his camp to utilize the technology to make it come to life.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • Mitch

    Like anybody believes a word Suge Knight says anyway

    If he told me there were 12 months in a year I’d run to a calender to make sure, I would believe him if he told me I needed oxygen to survive

  • nocturnal

    I agree with mitch Suge is not to be trusted…. I would trust him to piss on me if I was on fire…. and to this day….. I believe he got B.I.G Killed…

  • 6661irrelevant

    Suge Knight didn’t say shit about the FUCKING hologram. What HE SAID was How can someone that, for a fact knew Pac would not work with because you are a pussy & a faggot. That person being Dr. Dre. Make a hologram of that person & capitalize off it. He did not say Pac was homophobic. Pac was not cool with Dre at all. Not because Dre IS a bi-sexual. But because he is a lazy, credit taking, wannabe Quincy Jones of Rap. Dude cant write his own fucking albums. That’s what Suge said. Stop hating on Suge. 1 of the greatest C.E.O.’s the rap game has ever seen. Rap C.E.O.s these days are scared. They are told what to do by some other force & how to run their business. Suge & Death Row were to powerful. The government had to find a way to stop his reign. Oh Well. But Youtube “Original Makaveli Artwork”. See for yourself all artwork concept thought up by Pac. Download the original Makaveli Mixtape. Yes. Mixtape. It wasn’t meant to be an album. Its called Makaveli The 3 Day Theory. Straight from Pac’s mouth. I can understand why Pac’s Mom wants to present a positive image of her son. But at the same time you gotta keep it real.

    • Thoma$

      Here we go w/ the government/illuminati silly fantasies. If Pac was killed by them, then B.I.G was too. B.I.G was just as Powerful, it’s a Reason why dude got knocked off in his prime, & didn’t even live to see his 2nd album blow up harder than “All Eyez On Me & Ready To Die”..Combined. Nigga’s knew what “Life After Death” was about to do, & courtesy of doing & that was shutting down all the competition. Off 1 album, & a few singles B.I.G had already 7-9mil U.S Sales alone from a 21/2 year career.