T.I. Echoes Jay-Z’s Support For President Obama’s Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Like Jay-Z, T.I. is in full support of President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage. The King made that perfectly clear during a visit with New York City’s Hot 97 morning show on Thursday (May 17).

“To be absolutely honest with you, I don’t care,” Tip said. “Okay, I mean…I don’t see what the big deal is, and why some people are so against it.” T.I. further explained his train of thought: “Why would you be so against it if it doesn’t affect you, or your lifestyle? You know what Im saying? I’m not in their world, it doesn’t affect me if they did or didn’t.”

Strongly supportive of the cause, the “Live Your Life” MC added:  “I don’t care enough, one way or another. It something does affect you, you should not take a strong position against it.”

As XXL previously reported, Jay-Z first cosigned with Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama’s stance on same sex marriage in a recent sitdown interview with CNN.

“I mean, I always thought of it as something that’s still holding the country back,” said Hov about certain states still not allowing gay marriage. “What people do in their own homes is their business. You choose to love whoever you love. That’s their business. It’s no different than discriminating against Blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple.”

When asked Jay was asked if he thought President Obama would lost out on votes because of his views on gay marriage, Hov referenced the bigger picture. “I think it’s the right thing to do, so whether it costs him votes or not, again it’s really not about votes,” he responded. “It’s about…people. So, whether it costs him votes or not, I think it’s the right thing to do as a human being.”

During Thursday’s interview, T.I. also pleaded the fifth when asked about the rumors circulating that Tiny is expecting another child. Instead, the King chose to plug in promo for Season 2 of his hit VH1 show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and his upcoming album, entitled, Trouble Man, which is scheduled to drop on September 4. —Christian Bonoan

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  • camelface

    the reason Jay supports same sex marriage is because he eventually wants to have a law passed to support animals and people getting married. that way he can justify his half human half camel existence…good job JAY, love the angle you are working..you tha man..or Camel should I say

    • Camelfacesupporter

      hahaha loved this comment…in fact it made my day.

  • Camelfacesupporter#2

    lol..that is funny..Jay even called himself that on Blueprint three…”oh so they say I look like a Camel, so im half man half mamal…”

    • JK


      He said:

      Oh they call me a Camel
      But I mastered the drought,
      what the fuck I’m an animal
      Half man half mammal

      He flipped it. “Cocaine drought” , “camels store water in humps to get though water droughts”,

      What the fuck I’m an animal (Humans are animals),

      Half man half mammal (Humans are mammals)

      You never went to school? If you’re not a mammal or an animal I guess you’re some kind of super retard being.

      • Camelfacesupporter#2

        relax bud…i know humans are mamals you fool..we just playing around…you got Jays dick so far up your ass, his dick coming out your mouth son…relax, not my falls your dad left your moms..RELAX..RELAX…go to a therapist..iron out your anger issues with a shrink, not at xxlmag.com..fukin groupie…

  • JK

    It’s not about all that fantasy BS it’s about record sales and business.

    T.I and Jay are two rappers who appeal to all people. They understand that 80% of record sales are white people.

    Probably 20% of their record sales are by gay people.

    It’s business bitches.

    But also it’s bout time people stop getting stupid about gays.

    If you’re not gay what you worried about? It don’t affect you in no way it’s just unnecessary hate same as what white ppl was doing to blacks.