Trina is being accused of no-showing at a scheduled performance in St. Louis and pocketing the show money anyway.

TMZ is reporting that it has obtained several letters sent to the rapstress by the promoter’s lawyers and according to the documents, Trina was paid $7,000 to perform at the Imperial Palace nightclub in St. Louis last Saturday (May 19).

The celebrity news site goes on to report that Trina’s camp informed the promoter that the rapper had a scheduling conflict, but never officially canceled in writing.

When last Saturday rolled around, Trina was nowhere to be found at Imperial Palace.

The promoter is telling TMZ that she plans on suing Trina for at least $16,000, which would cover the rapper’s $7,000 show fee, promotional costs and other damages.

That’s not what Trina’s camp is telling the popular celebrity news site, however. A rep for the femcee told TMZ that the rapper cancelled the scheduled performance with enough notice and even tried to return the $7,000 advance, but that the promoter refused to accept it. The rep adds beliefs that the promoter falsely advertised Trina at the event and that the rapper may be thinking legal action of her own.

Check back with to see how this story unravels.

The last few days didn’t bring merely negative press Trina’s way, however. That’s because, on Tuesday (May 22) during a BET press conference, she was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist for the 2012 BET Awards. She’ll contend with Nicki Minaj, Diamond and newcomer Brianna Perry in the category.—Jakinder Singh