Producer Young Chop Upset With Kanye West: “Needs to Respect my Grind”

Kanye West’s decision to remix Chicago up and comer Chief Keef’s breakout “I Don’t Like,” which dropped last night (May 1), brought increased attention not only to Keef, but to the banger’s producer, Young Chop. Chop, however, was none too pleased with the way that Yeezy flipped some of the beat that he had crafted, and briefly voiced his frustrations on Twitter, before expanding on his feelings to

“I just felt disrespected ’cause I didn’t even hear the song before it dropped, and I kept telling them that I wanna hear the song,” Chop said of the remix, which featured not only Kanye and Keef, but also Big Sean, Pusha T and Jadakiss. “I ain’t know the song was changed over like that. Keef explained in another interview [that] we didn’t hear the song. And then I’m hearing the song and there’s different sounds in the beat, it don’t even sound like the real beat. It sounded like a rock star beat, and that’s not how I do it. That’s not my sound. [Kanye] should have called me and asked me, ‘Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?’ But no. I didn’t hear nothing from him. I never talked to him.

“I gotta go through a lot of people to talk to him, and I still haven’t talked to him,” he continued. “He ain’t called my phone one time. They say he don’t got no phone. Okay. I talked to Don C. I talked to Free. I talked to them two after it came out. [I said] I felt disrespected and they can take the song off the radio and delete it from history. They didn’t say nothin’.”

Some of the primary beat switches come during Big Sean and Jadakiss’ verses, but Chop said that he was in the studio in Los Angeles with Sean when he laid his vocals, and nothing had been tweaked at the time. “Didn’t nobody know [that the beat would sound different],” Chop said. “I was there when Big Sean recorded his verse, and it was the original beat. I just heard it when everybody heard it. I wanted to be the first one to hear it and, no, that didn’t happen.”

The Chicago-bred Chop’s frustration has reached a point where he’s considering trying to take legal action against ‘Ye, and said that he has already spoken with a lawyer. The producer, who recently inked a deal with Warner/Chappell, seemed equally upset with the way the new beat sounded and the process it took to get to that point—a process which didn’t involve him. “He didn’t sit at the table and make that beat,” Chop said of Kanye. “He just coulda asked me. He changed what I put my time into. I made it the way how I made it.”

“The song blew up before Kanye West even thought to get on it,” he said of the viral hit, which has helped Keef’s stock skyrocket. “We already had a million plus views on it—without Kanye. He called when it hit a million, and now it’s at two million. We built our buzz way before Kanye.”

With his new deal and plenty more placements in the pipeline—he’s recently worked with Sean and Gucci Mane, among others—Young Chop just wants to be recognized for his work. “Kanye West needs to respect my grind and my hustle,” he maintained. “I respect him, but I don’t mess with too many niggas. I gotta keep it real at all times.” —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • AD

    i see where he’s oming from but he shouldnt have responded like this… He should have just let it blow over and keep making beats …. Kanye so hollywood, he dont even have a phone lol lol

  • amazing

    kanye can do whatever he wants to the beat, it’s a remix

  • dewy

    yeah i get where he’s comin from but the changeup fit anyways. he should’ve been able to hear it b4 it dropped, but who gives af at the end of the day bro. callin a lawyer makes it seem like u dont even appreciate the shine u and keef have gotten from this, not to say yall werent doin fine b4 but come on son.

  • Adam

    He’s Kanye West… You’re nobody yet…

    “[Kanye] should have called me and asked me, ‘Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?’ But no. I didn’t hear nothing from him”

    Why should kanye have to call you and ask your permission?? who do you think you are??? he aint selling it he’s just trying to get some more Chi town rappers known in places other than Chicago… that being said the purpose of this was to get chief keef some extra shine not the producer. what did you expect when the biggest producer in the game remixes your song? that he won’t touch the beat? he’s a producer!!! because of him people outside your hood now know who you are… sit your ungrateful ass down and stfu

    • 0moreno0

      you sound like a celeb dikrider please stfu

      • Chip

        And Kanye is just the best producer in the game now, possibly of all time. And Chop is acting like his production can stand up to Ye? He needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize Kanye did him a favor.

    • Carl

      that’s not being ungrateful. you gotta see where he’s coming ftom. maybe he didnt like the certain sounds that kanye inserted into the song. Young chop is an up and coming producer. yes kanye gave him smoe buzz but he was already gettin buzz before him. give youn chop a break. it was his beat. if there was no young chop there wouldn’t be no i don’t like at ALL!

    • MOTHER


  • Tic706

    Cosign Adam. i was about to post the samething. thanks for saving me the time.

  • Stephen

    I see where he’s upset but still Kanye just gave them a shit load of popularity because of that remix. He should be happy that Kanye did a remix! He should have kept this quiet until he had a little bit more money. lol

  • bullets

    this dude is a fucking idiot everybody remixes would you have rather kanye steal the original beat so people would think it was a good music track? because that wouldnt of been good for Keef silly and furthermore 2million views dont mean shit theres hundreds of videos w/ millions of views online but the LP’s drop and dudes cant even do 100,000 kanye just made you famous fool like it or not you think XXL wanted to speak to you before you were mad at Kanye?..

  • John Cochran

    Never heard of the either the artist or producer before this song, which by the way aint all that hot anyways, but this guy just shortened his career bitching like that. You got a track with Kanye on it, being a producer myself I’d kill for that opportunity. You aint make no hits yet, sit down n shut up

  • MG

    I feel him & understand where he’s coming from, but dude kinda brought it on himself. They shouldnt have agreed to do it if an agreement, contract, etc. wasnt set in place. This happens to dudes like him all the time, like the guy who wrote the hook for Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U” and never got paid cuz he didn’t know anything about copyrighting n all that……..good luck with suing Kanye lol

  • Kicko

    This is that thirsty Chicago project victim nigga mentality…unprofessional, ignorant, and arrogant. He didnt even stop to think about the future…..he was only concerned about what he could get today. The same shit Chalo did with “A Milly” another Chicago thirstball…and what has he produced since then ….NOTHING!!!

  • James

    This producer is lame! Enough said.

    Anyone newbee would be happy with this.

  • BPSN Chicago

    you was on yesterday today nobody know ya name….. Chicago got way more to offer…. Well i guess its cool if your a zombie…

  • D

    Dear Young Chops,
    Dude you could had handle this much better than putting on blast through Twitter. You could had talk to Kanye face to face, man to man. You could had other hot artists or other mega stars like Jay-Z, Snoop or for better or for worst Nicki Minaj to hire your ass to make hits. But you had to act like a bitch. Oh well, Young Chops, sorry to see you go. We hardly knew you.

    • J.C


  • LottaGoodComments

    Young niggas, talking about he flew out to LA, for one verse on one song. What you said about CHI niggas, well we know Kanye exactly like that. Young Chop should have asked “Chief Keef” “How do you feel about the situation?” before speaking.

  • Slim

    Im just wondering… Who the fuck is this Free he referring to?


    How wild is this? If anything, this shows A LOT of respect from Kanye West. There are so many producers and artists out there that an established producer like Kanye West could have chosen to put on yet he saw potential in Young Chop.

    This is one of the reasons why established artists are at times reluctant to help upcoming artists. There’s no appreciation whatsoever. Kanye changed the beat up. So what? I liked both the original and the remix, and I didn’t even know who the hell Young Chop or Chief Keef were before browsing my Google Reader this morning.

    Young Chop stresses that the video already had a lot of popularity without Kanye West’s input and that the video was now at 2 million+ views.

    Let’s put that into perspective, though:

    There are 6,840,507,003 living on this earth. The original “I Don’t Like” video got 2,000,000 views on YouTube, and I’ll bet my 1st born child that 500,000 of those views were replays by the same people. 2 million views on a YouTube is nothing these days–there are videos about cats licking themselves that have 2x-3x that many views easily.

    I just don’t understand what the actual problem is in this situation. Is it a lack of respect? Too much pride? If I remember correctly, hubris is what killed Oedipus Rex.

  • Micah

    Think first, he sayin that kanye went in changed the instrumental without asking> thats all, kanye above everybody and cant ask permission to rework somebodies beat. a simple yes or no answer thats all. Yall let somebody status dictate everything, principles are principles. Chop reacted like a kid cause he is a young kid, and he says he attempted to get in touch with ye but ye no reply so i mean its a natural reaction to be pissed. he be ok in the long run producers will find people willing to work with them. i feel ye wants to do trap songs because the trap market really dont respect him and his work.

  • Stanley

    Producers are “artists” too.. And they should be respected, How would you feel if a nigga came into your house and changed your furniture around and F*k yo B*tch? You would be mad as Hell !!! Well this is what Kanye West did to this beat!!! It was wrong for an artist on “Kanye West’s level to change another person’s work without his permission. I have the upmost respect for beat makers. I love bassnectar, Zinc, Skrillex, etc.. I buy entire albums with just hip hop/electronic beats, (no vocals). You got to appreciate the art, in-order to Understand this situation. Kanye was dead wrong, you have to respect other niggas Craft.. I don’t care how Rich you are.

  • J.C

    ayo CHOP real shit doe. i would have went ham too !. dat is disrespectfull. and also YE should have spoken with chop b4 he went and mix up his work. i think chop should be kool on takeing the man too court, and just have some things worked out with YE and KEEF. #NO.BEEF

  • JHensley

    when you create something and you been waiting for something like this to drop, its important to you. its what you been workin for. And kanye should have contacted him. it should be celebrated. Ppl that make music together are like a family and a group of ppl sharing similar beliefs and ideals. Maybe kanye forgot how he came up. i listen to old kanye and new kanye and shit aint the same. Jayz made the throne dope if u ask me. Jay is an inspiration in the way he conducts himself both in music and business. If you ask me kanye should take note.

  • Nick Knox

    I think a lot of people are missing the fact that this isn’t a regular remix.

    It’s a different thing if Kanye took the acapella, and made a new beat.

    But he had the studio files to Young Chops beat, and just added a few things to it..

    He didn’t really remix it.

    Kanye might be big an everything, but some people dont give a fuck about that if your not real.

    It’s very shady jus to have someones beat files and jus add one or two things without even telling them. Or even shouting him out on his original work.

    Cause clearly kanye liked his beat or he would have made a complete new one.

    I see what people are saying about being grateful.. But on the flipside I wouldn’t be greatful for anyone trying to dogg me, no mater what benefits I made off it..

    Don’t care how big of a star, how much money they got, you can’t jus treat other peoples work and art like it don’t mean something to the creator of it.

  • Ror

    This fat broke nigga expecte Yeezy to call his chicken eating ass? LMAOOOOOO. Fuck outta here you nobody ass nigga. Feel lucky Kanye cleaned up yo weak ass shit nigga

    • Thrilla

      You fuckin’ kiddin’ me?? The original from Chop came WAY harder than Kanye’s shit. Truth! I heard a small portion of the Kanye version about a month before I knew there was an original, Chop/Keef/Reese version- and the original was 1000% BETTER! Kanye pissed on this guy’s beat… lame ass niggaz!

  • Blah

    Anyone who is an artist and creates would understand what Chop is going through. Yeah it’s cool that Kanye clearly liked the beat and decided to add to it, but you don’t just change up somebody else’s creation without permission. Regardless if you aren’t making a profit. I’m a graphic designer, and coming from my point of view (or any artist’s point of view), I see that as me designing a logo for someone, and then another designer going in and tweaking the design I spent days working on…and not even asking me. On top of that, Kanye’s clearly gonna take all the shine since Young Chop is not really known. Honestly, as long as Kanye gives credit where credit is due, and apologize for touching somebody else’s creation, this issue should be resolved.

  • Dj Faraj

    Talk about something “I don’t like”

  • moor

    chop sayin “respect my grind” come on dude, i saw the LRG interview he did, he said out his own mouth he took 15min to make this beat, now he mad?! i bet kanye put way more time n effort in it than 15min. Imma blame it on youthful ignorance. Just hope it doesnt kill his career though.

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  • Nico

    Since then,Young Chop is everywhere, smart move, he has fire !

  • J-Blaz Johnson

    And then turns around and Beat jack Vybe Beats thinking no one would notice LMAO