Mike Will is one of the hottest producers in hip-hop’s landscape right now, having Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back,” Gucci Mane’s “Plain Jane,” B.o.B’s “Just a Sign” and most recently 2 Chainz’ lead single “No Lie” to his production credits.

The Atlanta beatmaker recently told XXLMag.com that he’s crafting records for Ludacris’ new album, Ludaversal, which tentatively has a release date of September 11.

“Ludacris is dope as well. I let him hear all kinds of beats, bro,” Will told XXL. “He picked 20 beats from our first session. I literally did think that, ‘Luda can’t rap on this, he can’t rap on that.’ He could rap on anything! He just destroys anything! Then, we had another session and he picked 10 more beats.”

In particular, the talented producer is especially excited about a record he did for Ludacris, which he says may be called, “Hands in The Air.”

“We’re trying to finish it up now,” Will continued. “It’s stadium music. It’s a big anthem, yeah. His album is sounding like, the joints he got already…that shit is all over the place with all kinds of dope ass records. Solid records. Crazy crossover records, the music that sells. Everything.”

Will previously told XXL how excited he was that 2 Chainz picked his record, “No Lie,” as the lead single for his upcoming album and that he’s talking to Kanye West in the hopes of cooking up something real soon. He also shared that he’s working on his new mixtape, Established in 1999 Part II, which features 2 Chainz, French Montana, Drake, Mac Miller, Gucci Mane and T.I.—Mark Lelinwalla