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  • alderman j

    This dude that said that about JAY Z, is mad that he see niggas taking over, something i said about 10 years ago, “in about 30 years all the old racist muthafuckas gone be on suicide watch, because all the old money gone be athletes and entertainers AND THOSE ARE NIGGAS” When we know we made it, Is when THEY start calling US racists!!!! We almost there keep ballin my NIGGAS!!!!

    • A Guy

      Really? Most athletes are completely broke within a few years of retiring. Maybe stop ‘Ballin’ and start saving?

    • CaponeMOB

      every body in these comments dont know what the fuck they talking about.yall are misguided. the reason why alotta PPL especially the Hip-Hop audience hates dumb cunts like this hater mushnick,is cause US hip hop NIGGAZ is tired of our culture constantly beign used as a scape goat for racist ass white muthafuckaz. they dont understand the culture,so why they judge us? i never see these bitches make fun off or talk shit about satanic ass heavy metal music,punk rock,sucidal emo rock shit. and jay-z is the furthest thing you would consider “Gangsta rapper” he’s more of a slick talkin hustler.
      and these dumb fucks STILL dont get it, when we say bitches or HOES.WERE talking about bitches and hoes. we dont refer to EVERY female as a bitch and a hoe we got sisters and daugthers too. you think jay-z go’s around calling beyonce a a bitch and a hoe? so then these dumb racist bitches put out the perception that they are ignorant and racist,so there for we think they are racist. they dont deserve the benefit of a doubt that they are not racist,cause they never give us the benefit of a doubt about nothing. and just cause jay-z uses the word nigga,it doesnt justify

      • firstpimpin

        When punk rock first came out mother fuckers were scared as hell. They got alot of shit and were definitely a scapegoat for the youths problems at the time.

    • CaponeMOB

      and just cause jay-z uses the word nigga,it doesnt justify
      some dumb white republican,like bill o’ riley,Don imus,rush limbaugh,say niggaz and bitches or nappy headed hoes.
      like rush limbaugh was trying to justify the dumb shit he said when he lost all his sponsers by saying that Hip-Hop music always uses the word sluts and bitches,so he dont see why PPL made a big deal about it when he called some female a slut. and he’s a conservative talk show host,and he’s was goin around poppin more pills then some young bitch at a rave party.and calling some female a slut. but yet these same white muthafuckaz go around judgin hip-hop music,and racist faggots like bill o’ riley go around doin dumb shit,like when he was leavinl messages in some females voice mail, this is what he said

      “So anyway I’d be rubbing your big boobs and getting your nipples really hard, kinda’ kissing your neck from behind…and then I would take the other hand with the falafel thing and I’d just put it on your p***y but you’d have to do it really light, just kind of a tease business…” –as quoted in a sexual harassment suit filed against him by a Fox News producer, 2004 (Source)

      haahaha and this is the same faggot talkin shit about rappers.
      but like i said we tired of the scape goat shit.

    • HU

      Athletes and entertainers have pocket change compared to the white people who sign their checks. What you are saying is absurd. Black people who do get lucky enough to get rich could band together and create true wealth but that’s not gonna happen. They’ll keep buying car, clothes, and chains instead.

  • Cwigg

    I hope Jay-Z responds to this accordingly….maybe even take it to t.v. for a debate (not a FOX show).
    Jay-Z IS New York Mr. MUSHnik… just live and make a paycheck there writing racist articles rather than secure a following writing intelligent meaningful articles that mean something to anyone. Bravo Mr. MUSHnik, not only have you made yourself look like a fool, but you’ve poked the big dog with a stick. Clown.

  • TheTruth

    Jay-Z is New York? Lol, keep huffing the glue. As for the Nets, what a dumb move to jack them out of Jersey like that.

    • Chellie

      @thetruth …. You must not be from NY to say that. It figures since your not making money you would say its a dumb move. This will bring tons of jobs to Brooklyn. It’s about time a major sports team returns. You non New Yorkers kill me. The racist writer was wrong. And I know Jay Z will respond like a true business man. Mushnik will be sorry. Every good thing comes to an end.

  • LC

    Not saying dude is right, but I get where he’s coming from. Lots of people don’t like the word ‘nigga’, black or white. And great as he is, Jay-Z’s music has had a history of violence and disrespect towards women. I mean Big Pimpin’…ha. His point is that the team is taking on this Jay-Z aesthetic, so why not go all the way with what Jay-Z has represented. Again, man totally oversimplified that shit, but I don’t think he’s coming from a racist place, just anti hip hop

    • johnny

      I agree, more or less he’s trying to make it a point that people like jay-z and others are basically using there music to demoralize there own people as a marketing ploy to make money.

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    i don’t think that shits racist everyone is to sensitive it was a article some guy wrote like jay-z has his raps peoples opinions i think there’s a lot of racism in the world that could be brought to light but this is bs blowin someones comments outta proportion.

  • http://none Proud Black

    The saddest and most pathetic thing is that in the 21st century black people are the only people in the world who identify themselves with a word NIGGA that is filled with so much hatred, disgust, offensiveness, negativity and just down right stupid.Black people have hurt themselves by helping to make this word popular. Yet the truth is the word NiGGA is exactly the same as the word NIGGER. People try to fool themselves into thinking it is a word of racial love. It is not. It is a world of self hatred.

    • snick

      Tomato tomoto

  • Dreamzinati

    Jay is is on the phone with his lawyer as we speak, dude will be unemployed and J will thank him for another Big Paycheck thats how he will respond. J a Paper gangsta remember??? He already won twice in this situation

  • Adamsville Mafia

    lol@J’s a paper gangster

    And this is why nobody respects us. We’ll sell our left nut and 72% of our soul for that paper…

  • commoncents

    1. He’s gotta change the colors to seperate them from New Jersey
    2. It’s blatantly obvious that the black and white is simply a merchandise decision. Black and white go with anything, so you can rock your Brooklyn Nets gear with anything. I think he’s just going for the Radiers gear of the East Coast. You know how much merchandise they will sell simply becuz the colors aren’t corny. It’s a smart business decision, if you’re gonna choose colors for your team why wouldn’t you pick common colors that people wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. Plus let’s face reality…he knows the “hood” will go hard for black and white gear

  • Reak

    Well it basically boils down to this. Mushnick sorry but it aint shit you can do about that logo get over it.

  • Sharia

    you know you doing good when haters talk about you, make that money Jay Z

  • jondoe

    that mushnik guy is racist aint no way around it. Only people who “hate” hip-hop are racist people my grandma don’t like hip-hop because of all the profanity but she will sit through a tribe called quest song any day. how u gonna hate a whole genre? because its a strong part of urban(black) culture that’s why. & btw Im black & i don’t give a damn about the word nigga

  • Trev DaSaint

    In the words of 2PAC
    “N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)”
    Hov keep doing wat yu doing
    #peace love and bad bitches

  • st pete Deebo

    Question: why is diss fuck ass stankin skin and hair wen wet Cracker so in fatuated with the black man/”nigger” wen the faggot bitch need to b wondern why the white man/ stank cracker/devil by natureis responcible for all these kidnapping/ rapes/ killing there own parents/ shoot any bitch in there way at school cause a bitch called them a name/fuck innocent little boys that go to there Church n put they trust n them/ kill there wives n take the bitch two blocks away frm they home/ stab grand ma 93 times for nt buying any pizza mann i can go all fuckin day bout the wicked shit yall do and diss bitch worrin bout a sucessful black man desighn a fucke jersey he spent his own money on bitch please BITCH I COULDNT THINK OF NO NAME FA THE SICK SHIT YALL REPRESENT FUCKEN DEVIL!!!!

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