Lupe Fiasco has announced that his next album, Food & Liquor 2, will be a double LP.

“I just wanted to kind of go back to the essence of what made that record so special with the frame of mind I was in with Food & Liquor the first time,” Lupe recently told Fuse. “The musicality that was on Food & Liquor that the original hardcore Lupe fans appreciate, we put it on the this record, but to the tenth power.”

The Chi-town lyricist added the first single off the double album will be out on May 22 and that his early candidate for favorite track off the double-disc project is a song called, “Form Follows Function.”

“That is a monster,” said Fiasco of the track. “It’s a monster! Nobody is fucking with that. ‘Form Follows Function,’ rappers ain’t fucking with that. I’m not being egotistical or anything…it’s just you can’t fuck with that.”

Lupe dropped his debut album, the original Food & Liquor back in September 2006.

That LP included records like “I Gotcha,” “Daydreamin’” and “Kick, Push,” his ode to skateboarders.

He followed that with Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool in December 2007 and more recently, Lasers in March of last year.

That album included records such as “The Show Goes On,” “Words I Never Said,” and “Out of My Head.”

In a latter segment of his interview with Fuse, the Chicago rapper talks about being a vocal supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Although he has a date in mind for the release of his single, Fiasco hasn’t set a concrete date to drop the album just yet.—Jakinder Singh