Lil Wayne Settles $1.5 Million Lawsuit With “Love Me or Hate Me” Producer

Just last month, Lil Wayne settled a lawsuit with the disgruntled producer of his Grammy Award-winning single, “Lollipop.”

Over this past weekend, TMZ reported that Weezy settled yet another lawsuit, this time for $1.5 million over his track, “Love Me or Hate Me.”

According to the celebrity news website, producer David Kirkwood sued Weezy, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment last year, claiming they owed him royalties on “Love Me or Hate Me” off Wayne’s Tha Carter III album.

Although Weezy initially fought back in asking a judge to dismiss he case, he eventually decided to settle the lawsuit with Kirkwood out of court.

This news comes after TMZ broke the story of Wayne settling with producer Darius Harrison’s $20 million lawsuit for unpaid work on several records on Tha Carter III, including “Lollipop.”

Like with Kirkwood, Wayne initially tried to get a judge to dismiss the case with Harrison, before eventually settling out of court with him with what TMZ called a “confidential agreement.”

The success of “Lollipop” as the lead single off Tha Carter III paved the way for the album taking off as a huge smash hit with rap fans back in 2008. Hit singles such as “A Milli,” “Got Money” and “Mrs. Officer” all followed as the next string of singles the LP spawned.

Weezy would follow that album with Tha Carter IV album, which he released last August. That LP would boast a host of singles including “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “John,” “How to Love,” “She Will” and “It’s Good.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • francis nasim

    man lemme share the news wit you nicki minaj got a song called stupid ho#-i love you nicki minaj and even lil kim gotta respect you you so damn sexy you make we wanna have a heartattack or somethin-im takin my boney frail frame to the gym-get paid babygirl-what up diddy-im at the awards n i just got another-jay-z look like terri

  • CT

    “Love Me or Hate Me” never made it to the Carter 3…it was a mixtape track. Can someone explain?

  • nocturnal

    it actually appeared on the deluxe version….

  • Brand-New

    *Note to rappers* Pay your damn producers!

  • Maori

    Least this way they get paid tax free, white man trick.

  • aaron

    this is lesson for all artist out thee…stop tryng to steal and pay your way…Produces are important whether they are Named or no named………This makes the industry grow and prospe…there is enough money fo all……Like DMX said stop being greedy!