Lil Wayne and Drake have a great track record when collaborating. Now, the dynamic duo want to see that history carry over into the courtroom.

According to TMZ, the two rappers are fighting a lawsuit from a company, demanding over $400,000 for an alleged no-show at a club by the two MCs. The Imperial Entertainment Group is suing Weezy and Drizzy for $432,337.50 for the alleged no-show at their 2011 event. TMZ reports that a judge ordered the duo to pay the aforementioned amount, but the rappers claim in legal documents, obtained by TMZ, that they were never told about the alleged club appearance, never signed any contracts and were never even served with summonses to show up in court.

Furthermore, Drake and Wayne allege that the Imperial Entertainment Group is using a third-party—Melanzh Enterprises—to book them, but that that party had no such authority to book them.

Wayne and Drake’s legal teams are asking the court to cancel the $432,337.50 plus judgment as soon as possible.

By now, trying to settle lawsuits must be commonplace for YMCMB, especially Lil Wayne.

Earlier this month, Weezy settled a lawsuit with disgruntled producer, David Kirkwood, over owed royalties for Wayne’s track, “Love Me or Hate Me.”

Just two weeks before that, Weezy settled a $20 million lawsuit with bitter producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison over non-payments made for several Wayne tracks, including the Grammy Award-winning hit single, “Lollipop.” On April 30, TMZ reported that the two sides had reached a confidential agreement to settle the case.—Jakinder Singh