Lil Wayne Accused of Assault Again

Trina ft. Lil Wayne “Don’t Trip,” Glamorest Life (2005)

Lil Wayne is in trouble with the law again.

According to TMZ, Weezy and his entourage are under investigation for assault, allegedly for beating down a fan who tried to take a photo of the rapper.

Alfredo Marino told the entertainment site that on May 3 he spotted Wayne and his crew skateboarding and asked if he could take a photo, but was shut down. At that point, Marino returned to his car and attempted to sneak a picture anyway, but was immediately confronted by Lil Tunechi and his crew.”Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf**kers are going to f**k you up?,” Lil Wayne allegedly threatened.

Shortly after, Marino claims he was hit over the head with a skateboard, which knocked him down and left him bleeding. Marino says he suffered a concussion and vertigo as a result.

Marino’s lawyer, Craig Chisvin, told TMZ, “My client will enforce all of his rights under the law and all individuals responsible for this outrageous incident will be blamed for the damages that my client has suffered and continues to suffer.”

As previously reported, a photog in Miami filed a police report back in April claiming he was attacked by Lil Wayne’s crew for the same offense. —Gina Montana

Cops are investigating. Calls to Lil Wayne’s rep were not returned. 
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  • http://xxl BIGED

    i bet the little faggot was wearing uggs and capri pants. u know his bitch ass wouldnt scrap himself, he had to get his goons to do it. what else would u expect from the king of pop..and i aint hating i just like rap not fuckin pop

  • dubbie

    preach on brotha

  • BeantownReppin

    Totally co-sign BIGED except don’t disrespect MJ like that…he was and is the King of Pop. Lil Wayne just sucks.

  • James Smith

    Lil wayne is rich, let him feel up who he wants. Good shit!

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    dedication1 dedication 2 dedication 3… just a few of the bodys of work wayne has put out that are dope. u guys must be youngster idiots.

  • donaldBABYDbridger

    hahaha tunechi said fuck it and hit that nigga with a skateboard! thats wassup BIG HOMIE