Lil Boosie’s Lyrics Played For Jury in Murder Trial

Jurors in the first degree murder trial of Torrance “Lil Boosie” Hatch partook in a listening session of sorts yesterday (May 9), when the prosecution played a selection of Boosie’s music, supposedly recorded just before and after the shooting murder of Terry Boyd in October of 2009.

Baton Rouge’s The Advocate reported that the jury was played a selection of a song entitled “187,” in which Boosie raps, “Yo Marlo/He drive a Monte Carlo/That bitch gray, I want that nigga dead today.” The “Marlo” Boosie is allegedly referring to is Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding, who Boosie is accused of hiring to kill Boyd. According to computer forensics expert, Konstantinos Dimetrelos, Boosie recorded this verse less than an hour before the murder took place.

Dimitrelos also testified that on the night of the shooting, 15 outgoing phone calls were made from the cell phone of Boyd, between the hours of 11:22 p.m and 12:56 a.m and that the calls began in the vicinity of Boosie’s home, moved to the scene of the crime, and ended back at the Boosie residence.

Hatch’s attorney, Jason Williams, refuted the prosecution’s notion that these lyrics implicated Hatch, claiming that the mentioned rhymes were much earlier works and were being “resampled” at the time of the recording. Boosie’s additional counsel, Martin Regan, claimed the state prosecutor, Dana Cummings, is using Boosie’s music to slander his client and that the lyrical content of “187” is “not relevant” to the case at hand.

Thursday (May 10), District Attorney Hillar Moore takes the stand, and is expected to testify in regards to a deal made with Louding, in which he admitted to the murder of Terry Boyd, among several other murders.

Do you think Boosie’s lyrics should be admissible as evidence? Let us know in the comments section below.—Neil Martinez – Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • N/A

    No, that is completely unfair to the trial at hand. Every rap artist now a days raps about murder, more than half would never commit such atrocities. You cant use music as evidence and I can tell you fact those lyrics were written many months prior to said shooting.

  • Tc

    No. It’s completely ridiculous that a rapper’s lyrics would be used against him in a case.


    A perfect example of when keeping it really real goes awfully wrong.




    If rap songs proved guilt then every rapper is headed to jail.

    • midnightmarauder

      So Tribe Called Quest would go to jail for rapping about…peace?

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    he’s guilty didn’t listen to his high pitch bullshhit music anyway but thats some crazy shit i think it’s relevant to the case he used the dudes real name cause he’s a dumbass lil badazz

  • alderman j

    As a MAN you have to be prepared to pay consequences for what you say!!! Now if you a bitch or a child, then you get a pass!!! But men have to be prepared to pay the piper……as guru and chaka kahn so eloquently stated, “WATCH WHAT YOU SAY”!!!!

  • wesley

    i don’t think should use boosies lyrics….. making music is a freedom and so is freedom off speach just because it was said in a song don’t mean its true

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  • Tae

    Hell Naw.!!! They just wanna see a m’fucka gone in the system. its alot of m’fuckas that speak on murde, drugs, and plenty of shit like hoes for an example. But that dont mean they do what they say they do in all they song. Them fuckers dont have shit on Boosie.!

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