Lil B, The “Based God,” is cooking up something sweet for fans.

Last month, the 22-year-old emcee, took the stage at NYU in a “rare” lecture and hinted at future collaborations with Lil Wayne and an unnamed artist who he, himself, dubbed “the biggest artist on earth.”

With rumors floating around that that artist may be Young money superstar Drake, Fuse caught up with Lil B to finally clear the air. And the verdict is in.

Lil B says he’s indeed working on a collaboration with Drizzy.

“Yeah, we’re about to do something real big. I can’t speak on it too much right now, but Drake is the only artist [Lil B] wants to work with,” B told Fuse. “We’ve talked about doing some production. [Drake] wants to do something and we’re gonna make it happen. Something real big, so just look out for it.”

It looks like an upcoming collaboration with Drake isn’t the only project Based fans have to look forward to. Last week, the 2011 XXL Freshman teased fans, hinting at a possible venture with his newly adopted tabby cat, Keke.

“Also news with the first animal in hip hop ‘keke’ the adopted tabby cat who is signed to Lil B.....keke will make video ths week - Lil B,” he tweeted.

When asked about a possible collaboration with Keke, B confirmed the venture.

"My adopted Tabby cat Keke, the first animal artist signed to a label, is shooting a video this week,” he told Fuse. “We wanna get Amber Rose on the remix because Amber showed love for Keke. Shouts out to Amber Rose for that!"—Shamecca Harris