KimYe Watch: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Week In Pics

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    It's the hottest topic in today's celebrity news headlines: 'KimYe,' better known as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, hip-hop's latest 'it' couple. As paparazzi lenses continue to capture the two's everyday activities, all the while rumors continue to linger, delivers this recap of everything that's been happening with Kim and 'Ye this past week. From rumors of Kanye wanting to dress Kim to Jay-Z finally meeting the Yeezy's Mrs, check out this week in's KimYe Watch. Flashing Lights...—<em>XXL Staff</em>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/20/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: O2 Arena, London</p><p>With famous British photographer Nick Knight on deck, Kim and 'Ye get up close and personal before Yeezy hits the stage with Hov for their Watch The Throne Tour concert.</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: N/A</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: NYC</p><p>All for one and one for all. Kanye, Kim, Kelly Osborne and Rob Kardashian seen all talking sips out of this one watermelon. As the saying goes, sharing is caring right?</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/19/2012</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: London</p><p>"Meal with my baby on the throne before the show!" tweeted @KimKardashian which is a photo of the two's dinner before hitting the Watch The Throne show at the O2 Arena. Could you make out what they were eating?</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: Gotcha Club, France</p><p>After weeks of speculating whether or not the couple were the real deal, Kim and Ye finally share a passionate kiss for all to see while at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of "Cruel Summer." </p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: Cannes Film Festival, France</p><p>With rumors of Kanye giving Kim fashion advice—a source reports that Yeezy thinks she should be more like him and edgier with her choices—the two turned heads as they showed up to Cannes Film Festival this week. Judging by Kim's gold dress, guess Yeezy's teaching her well...</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: France</p><p>The two stepping out a yacht while in Cannes, hours before the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival.</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: Cannes, France</p><p>KimYe taking a stroll through the massive flood of paprazzi in Cannes, France. Ye's facial expression here says it all. <em>Damn, these n-gga's got me/I hate these n-gga's more than the Nazis</em></p><p></p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/20/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: London</p><p>Kim and Ye, all smiles, leaving dinner before heading to Mr. West's Watch The Throne show. </p><p></p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/17/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: London</p><p>The two spotted painting London red as they leave their London hotel, after hitting the Fifi Fragrance Awards the night before.</p><p></p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/22/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: London</p><p>Kanye with his latest fashion-favorite, Timbo boots, and Kim Kardashian spotted leaving their London hotel.</p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: Cannes, France</p><p>Heading out for Ice Cream in Cannes.</p><p></p>
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    <p><strong>When</strong>: 5/23/12</p><p><strong>Where</strong>: Cannes Film Festival in France</p><p>Jay-Z, Kanye and Kim attending Kanye's "Cruel Summer" premiere in Cannes. Wonder what Beyonce thinks?</p>

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