Ice Cube Explains Songs on New Album

Ice Cube has been able to successfully segue between acting and rapping for over 20 years now. This time around isn’t any different.

Fresh off of portraying Captain Dickson in the March film, 21 Jump Street, Cube is knee-deep into working on his 10th solo album, Everything’s Corrupt, which he says is “70 percent done.”

“The title is kinda self-explanatory in a lot of ways,” the Don Mega began to explain to “It’s everywhere we look, it’s just like corruption has seeped in. It’s a shame, but it’s true. This whole world is about the almighty dollar. The record is really just really speaking on that. There’s a title track that really goes into it. The record is just that West Coast hardcore hip-hop; it’s really what fans of mine have kinda been accustomed to, so I ain’t about to change.”

Cube plans on putting the finishing touches on it asap and making a formal release date announcement next week.

Before that, though, the rap icon did take the time to break down a few of the records off the upcoming album.

“I gotta track called, ‘Dominate The Weak,’ talking about people that fall asleep and become sheep are usually dominated and we can’t do that,” Cube said. “I gotta song called, ‘One For The Money,’ which is really talking about how it used to be ‘One for the money, two for the show…’ Now, it’s one for the money, two for the money. The record is talking about where everybody head’s at right now.

“I gotta record called ‘Take What We Want’ and that’s about being confident about whatever you want and not waiting for someone to give it to you. Just take it,” Cube continued.

Well-thought out records have always been a staple throughout Cube’s prolific career, but the notion of having a bunch of featured guests is something the MC has isn’t going to be warm about on this album.

“I ain’t really big on features because you buy an Ice Cube record to hear me,” said Cube. “I don’t think you buy it to hear who I did a song with.”

That being said, Cube did confirm that his sons, OMG and Doughboy, will be featured on the album, as well as his Westside Connection brethren, WC.

While finishing up his album, Cube, alongside DJ Drama and DJ Khaled, are working with Coors Light for their Search For The Coldest MC contest (More info here).

“Coors Light done stepped up to the plate and they’re searching for the coldest MC in the country,” Cube said. “DJ Khaled and DJ Drama are helping us really navigating through all these MCs and all their lyrics. Hopefully they’ll make it to the finals and get down. We’re really looking for lyricists, not somebody who just gotta good jingle or hook you could send to your grandma. We want somebody who can flow, who got presence…the whole package. It’s cool that Coors Light is giving new MCs this platform.”

Cooler that Ice Cube has more music on the way.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • James

    You wouldn’t have Easy E or N.W.A. without Cube

    Cold as a Mother F*@ker!

  • dope

    Thats good. Can’t wait, but if it has one wack sounding tracks that I Am The West had, I’ll go crazy. That album had some clubby songs from the south that did not mesh well with Cube. Keep it coast, don’t imitate

  • Om Sag

    Keep it coming Cube – i’m buying it ……… i hear you but please just bring that track with Nas in future @ least

  • dj5292

    been down w cube since -a bitch iz a bitch-

  • Knuckz

    Legend!! 1 of the top 10 Greats!! Nuff Said

  • francis nasim

    run ya team cube or run around it