He's the BEST: 10 of DJ Khaled's Funniest Moments

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Last week, DJ Khaled took to the Internet to announce that he'd be unleashing a video to release the cover art for his upcoming studio effort, Kiss The Ring. Though a simple JPEG image might have sufficed, it seems Khaled felt the video format presented his album and it's cover more appropriately, giving him the platform to list the inspirations behind the LP (the hustle, the grind, "fuck boys," pain, and money, among several other things). While we're still not exactly sure what it is DJ Khaled does, he never fails to entertains us. So join XXL as we look back at 10 of Khaled's funniest moments. — XXLStaff (@XXLStaff)

Khaled lists the inspirations behind his album before revealing the official cover art for Kiss The Ring

Kiss The Ring Cover Art

In this promotional clip for "Take It To The Head," the lead single off of Kiss The Ring Khaled shows just how excited he is for the upcoming LP by diving headfirst and fully clothed into the ocean. If that doesn't get you excited about an album, what will?


DJ Khaled reveals some truly alarming eating habits in this hilarious radio spot for McDonalds..

More Mcdonalds SEG

No lines necessary. A young Khaled shines in Shottas as a Sean John wearing, pistol toting, mean mugging, henchman.

Shottas Cameo

An animated Khaled plays "Out Here Grindin" for Kanye West and Consequence. The look on Ye's face says it all.

Plays Grinding before Kanye and Consequence

Someone should probably explain to Khaled the proper use of "A.K.A" in a sentence. A bit excessive, no?


After winning Best Hip-Hop collabo for his part in the "I'm So Hood" (Remix), Khaled launched into an acceptance speech of epic proportions.


A fired up Khaled puts his rapper friends on the spot in this backstage video. Clearly Joey Crack was not in the mood for Khaled's antics on this day.

Backstage with friends

Everyone's the best.

Everything's the best

Another McDonald's commercial. Enough said.

McCafe Promo