Happy Birthday, Waka Flocka Flame

A b-day shoutout goes to Waka Flocka Flame! The Brick Squad capo and XXL‘s June cover subject celebrates his 26th birthday today (May 31).

Currently seeing his stock rise as an MC, the ATLien came a long way since first stepping in with his Salute Me Or Shoot Me mixtape series. Going on to release a few more tapes since then (LeBron Flocka James and more), Waka would solidify his stance as a viable artist with his 2010 tumultuous debut Flockveli. Stomping onto the Billboard 200 chart at No. 6—No. 2 on the Top Rap Albums chart—the album produced four successful singles in “Oh Let’s Do It,” “Hard In the Paint,” “Grove St. Party” and the chart-topping “No Hands.”

Currently gearing up for the release of his sophomore effort, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, which is set to arrive June 12, the riotous rapper is ready to prove the naysayers wrong while also running his rising Brick Squad Monopoly label.  ”We the new Wu-Tang, Roc-A-Fella. We what these labels are trying to create right now. We the new Cash Money. Squad! Flockaveli was the return of gangsta. I brought gangsta back, man,” Waka reveals in XXL‘s current June issue.

While his current “Round Of Applause” and “I Don’t Really Care” singles burn up the airwaves, XXLMag.com wishes the June 2012 cover a happy b-day. FLEX!—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

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  • 6661ignorance

    Yo!!!! XXL!!!! Do us Brick Squad fans a favor. I know that 1017 Brick Squad Records & Brick Squad Monopoly are 2 different record labels & Waka basically took all Gucci’s artists over to BSM. So who’s signed to 1017 Brick Squad Records??? Just Gucci??? I know the fans have noticed in Gucci’s recent mixtapes there is no features from Wooh or anybody else on the Squad. Only on Trap Back. Where Waka made a feature. But on I’m Up. No Squad at all. I know that some “funny business” happened towards the end of 2009 & forced Gucci off of Mizay Management in 2010 and basically had to destroy the So Icey Entertainment label. And just left 1017 on its own. Which Waka was then signed to. But then Waka made that song “Fuck Dis Industry” at the end of 2010. But in Feb 2011 Gucci dropped Gucci 2 Tymez the mixtape produced by Waka & started to hear Brick Squad Monopoly. And BOOM!! Just like that. Waka is C.E.O. of his own label with his own artists. While Gucci again sits in jail. Making no music. But Waka & BSM blowing up!!!! Kebo & Capp Da Prez started claiming Mizay is doing dirty business. Dissed Waka & BSM. Even tried to knock Waka out in that bowling alley video. WHATS GOING ON!!!! Fans want to know. We keep speculating on twitter. So who’s with who. Remember that Vibe interview where Waka dissed Gucci & when Gucci was asked about it he walked off the on air inteview. Gucci is now managed by Coach K. Young Jeezy’s old manager. Gucci squashed beef with Jeezy in December ’09. But Jan 2010 the beef was re-opened by Waka & Slick Pulla. While Gucci was in jail. Gucci’s lil step bro Young Throwback was kicked out of So Icey & 1017 outta no where. While Gucci was in jail in ’08 & ’09. And he was next up. But after that Waka was up to bat. Waka even dissed YT while Gucci was in jail in late ’08. YT responded with the track Flunkie aimed at Waka. I KNOW I RAN ON & ON. But these are the things fans want to know. Ask the real questions. Cause we are tired of guessing. With all this info. There is gotta be some truth into it. Could all this muthafucking stress be the reason why Gucci fucked up his face & health. By gaining more weight than ever before??? What ever happened to Keisha Dior??? Wasnt Gucci engaged to her??? I guess Ill just be ignored & we will never know. OH WELL!!! I tried though.

  • 6661ignorance

    OH!!! By the way. I figured out the REAL reason behind the Waka Flocka & Wiz Khalifa Beef. Waka Flocka’s Mentor Suge Knight. Wiz Khalifa’s Mentor Snoop Dogg. Bloods vs Crips. Nothing new. How about. Gucci’s Old Manager Jimmy Henchmen. Didnt Suge Knight have beef with Jimmy??? Maybe thats why Gucci went from C.E.O. of his own label to artist on one of his artists label. Trippy I know.

  • Oazz

    ^^ Beef cuz Suge is Blood & Snoop is Crip? Get outta here! Dude were on DRR back in the day

  • Ondeck

    661 i feel you, alot of this shit since so icey has been fucked my nigga gucci somins been goin on watch out for snake niggas and stay up!