Heartfelt reactions keep pouring in for MCA. The Beastie Boys member died on Friday (May 4) after a three-year bout with cancer. He was 47.

Over the weekend, more members of the hip-hop community passed on their condolences and memories of Adam “MCA” Yauch.

“Adam Yauch brought a lot of positivity into the world and I think it's obvious to anyone how big of an influence the Beastie Boys were on me and so many others," Eminem said in a statement to MTV News. "They are trailblazers and pioneers and Adam will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, Mike D., and Ad-Rock.

Nas, who worked with the Beastie Boys on the track, “Too Many Rappers,” also expressed his memories of the late MCA.

“One of my greatest moments in music was when I worked with the Beastie Boys…now today I'm hearing our brother is gone,” God’s Son told MTV. “I prayed this would not happen. MCA was so cool, man. We had great talks about what it was like for them in the beginning, getting into the rap game. I'll never forget that experience for the rest of my life. MCA is a true legend who influenced me. God bless his soul and his loved ones."

The news especially rocked Chuck D, whose Public Enemy group was put on their first tour by the Beastie Boys.

“Adam and the Boys put us on our first tour 25 years and 79 tours ago,” Chuck D explained via his Twitter. “They were essential to our beginning, middle and today. Adam especially was unbelievable in our support from then 'til now, even allowing me to induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“I consider myself a strong man and my father says be prepared to lose many in your post-50 path of life,” he continued. “Still, I'm a bit teary-eyed leaving this plane. R.I.P. Adam aka MCA."

These reactions come on top of what was initially said by the likes of Russell Simmons and Run-DMC.

The reaction to MCA’s passing has extended past hip-hop too. As previously reported, a rep for the Dalai Lama, who Yauch was a strong supporter of, and more recently, Madonna, have offered statements as well.

"The Beastie Boys were one of a kind!” Madonna wrote on her Facebook page. “And so was Adam!
They were all an important part of my musical history and integral to the musical revolution that was happening at the time.  I'm very sad to hear about Adam's passing.
God bless him and his family.”—Mark Lelinwalla