Chris Brown Subliminally Disses Rihanna on Freestyle Over Kanye West’s “Way Too Cold” Track

Chris Brown dissing Rihanna? It sure sounds like it on C. Breezy’s new freestyles, which he spits over Kanye West’s “Way Too Cold.”

“Don’t fuck with my old bitch, it’s like a bad fur/Every industry nigga done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/Bitch is breaking codes, but I’m the password,” Brown raps on the freestyle, sounding every bit that the line was aimed at Rihanna.

Following the freestyle, which Brown blasted out via his own Twitter account on Thursday (May 10), Rihanna unfollowed her ex-boyfriend on the social network promptly.

Once Rihanna made that move, Brown seemingly shot back at her, tweeting: “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then it’s something you feel guilty about.”

Brown’s choice words comes after he and Rihanna recently collaborated on a pair of tracks: Breezy’s remix to “Turn Up The Music” and Rihanna’s hit “Birthday Cake” track.

Known for his R&B hits and liquid-like dancing, Brown is also not a stranger to hip-hop by any means. Last August, Breezy dropped, Boy In Detention, a mixtape that had him rapping alongside the likes of Swizz Beatz, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Big K.R.I.T over production from David Banner, the Justice League, 9th Wonder and Tha Bizness to name a few.

In addition, “Look At Me Now,” his hit single from last year, had the Virginia native rapping before Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne on what turned out to be an undeniable smash record.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Sha

    This is a prime example of why EVERYONE who is giving this dude a pass is straight DUMB!!!!

    First, let’s deal with the facts…. Yeah, Rhianna is straight sluttin’. She absolutely has been sleeping around the industry. That can’t be disputed. So Chris is on point with that one.

    But here’s where it gets dirty….

    If Rhianna were more vocal she could’ve permanently murdered dude’s career. And that’s real. All she had to do was go on every talk show and show up at his court proceedings and dude would be straight done!

    Instead, she showed class and allowed him to take his public bashings without adding to his misery. And because she did that, Chris Brown was resurrected.

    But she went a step further….

    She hopped on his remix to alleviate some of the sore feelings people were still having about him. Against the recommendations of friends, bosses (Jigga), and domestic counselors she decided to give him an assist. She followed dude on Twitter and actually went at some of her own personal twitter followers when they attacked him.

    And even though she may have come out hard at Chris’s current flame, Chris at least owed her pure “silence” in response to her ill words toward his current girlfriend.

    Instead, he blasts her.


    “I kicked your ass, humiliated you in public, and now I’m playin’ you even after you saved my career.”

    At some point in our lives certain emotions are embedded in our DNA. Aggression is clearly embedded in Chris Brown’s DNA. And he will definitely continue to be aggressive against women. Any of you people that give this dude a pass, you’re kidding yourselves. Chris is a lost cause.

    • jaysonmanman

      Thats an issue between two adults. They both had a lapse in judgement and are able to see pass that. Brezzy went thru the fire and came out on top. Listen to their lyrics, they both dont have much sense…..

    • JK

      It’s sad.

      You beat a girl black and blue,
      you don’t genuinely apologies,
      Then you make as song implying she’s a slut.

      (It doesn’t matter if Riri is a slut or not, it wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t beat her previously)

      Someone should have told him it’s not a good move.

      I don’t care for Chris Brown, he has good vocals but sings the wrong songs, he’s an irrelevant rapper (like 99% of rappers with the exact same flow, talking about the same BS), he can’t dance for shit.

      I really don’t care for him, I know he will be around for a while but he really isn’t an influental character.

      MJ has all the pedo accusations but he was an amazing person, loved people, genuinely cared about the poor.

      Usher fucked up with relationships but once again he has dedicated a lot to changing peoples lives, not many know about all the things he has done.

      Chris Brown fuked up, what the fuk can I say about him, he’s still the same person before and after he did the crime.

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  • Yaya

    I’m a woman that grew up in a household that saw my father beating the crap out of my mother, and she in return turned around and abused my brother and I because we always reminded her of our father.

    Any woman that has truly been abused doesn’t go around exploiting domestic violence, it’s a serious offense. Second, I read an article about Rihanna stating she doesn’t take crap from men that she once went upside her brother’s head with a champagne bottle.

    I do believe that Rihanna pulled a wool over everyone’s eyes with that look at me I’m a victim card.

    Please my mom doesn’t even like talking about my father and what he did too her, let alone my two sisters were also in domestic violence relationships and it took one of my sisters ten years to leave and she doesn’t talk about it and my other sister passed away still trying to keep it a secret that she was being abused. Women will not talk about domestic violence openly for a long time sometimes even never, for the wounds always feel like it happened yesterday, and sometimes, some may need a therapist to get them to release the pain and anger or hurt.

    Everyone’s attacking Chris Brown like the entire can’t see for ourselves she sleeping around, she has yet taken a break from the industry to cope with what happened to her and that’s weird to me especially after my mother and two sisters pretty much were emotional wrecks.

    But if we lash out at Chris Brown then we pretty much need to stop being hypocrites and darn near lash out at every other male in the industry from rappers, artists, actors, players, even next door neighbors that are abusing women.

  • Bunni

    umm riri not a slut fuck yall n chris uh fuckin loser