Jay-Z or Nas? Ketchup or mustard? Bud or brew? For some, these are difficult choices. Others don't have to think twice about choosing sides. In the case of Angela and Vanessa Simmons, the luscious daughters of Run DMC legend Rev Run, most have a definite preference for one or the other. You can blame the difference of opinion on nature or nurture, either way it makes a great topic for an Eye Candy Debate. Two XXL staff members claimed #TeamVanessa and #TeamAngela and explained why, if forced to choose, they'd prefer one’s pastries over the other. —XXL Staff

#Team Vanessa says:


Vanessa is a classic beauty, there’s no comparison.

#TeamAngela says:


Vanessa is prettier, but Angela is sexier. Big difference.

#TeamVanessa says:


Angela looks playful, but Vanessa seems more mature and focused.

#TeamVanessa says:


More mature? Look at those hips. Those are grown woman hips. Vanessa looks like a teenage MAXIM model in comparison.

#TeamVanessa says:


Grown woman? I'd like to point you to exhibit "double D" above. Vanessa may be an aspiring actress, but those are all real.

#TeamAngela says:


I'll give you that. Vanessa has the boobs, but Angela has the booty.


Well what about popularity? Vanessa gets talked, tweeted, and rapped about way more than Angela. She just has that star quality.

#TeamAngela says:


Angela has that cute, playful vibe. Vanessa seems a little more stuck up. Plus, you gotta love her little accent.

#TeamVanessa and #TeamAngela say:


Preferences are cool, but who are we kidding? We want them both!