50 Cent: “I Haven’t Spoken to [Lloyd] Banks in Nine Months”

50 Cent hasn’t spoke to Lloyd Banks in nearly a year. During an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, ’Fif recently revealed that he and his G-Unit soldier have not been in communication.

“I haven’t spoken to Banks in nine months,” 50 said live over the air. “And this is not the first time this has happened.”

“He goes through these things where there’s no communication and he goes off and does what he wants like as far as…it’s set at that point because I’ve spent marketing dollars promoting him and he could go wherever he want to go and actually go do shows and make money and do different things,” 50 said. “At that point, it’s fine for him to move around and go do it by himself. Because I want them to be individuals and operate away from me, I’m fine with it. I’ll tell his lawyers, because his lawyers call me, and I’ll tell him to make sure that he does things that I know… his ways of dealing with things is not dealing with it.”

50 even detailed a past situation in which he lost touch with Banks for several months.

“If you notice before this, this is the second time that this has actually happened,” 50 explained. “Banks tucked away for almost a year after his father passed. His father passed away, he just went home. I was like, ‘Did anyone tell him that the bill collectors are going to keep coming?’ Imagine what would have happened if Kanye West just went home after his mom passed because it happened right in the heat of the…a key point for his music.”

Upon reflecting on the lack of communication, 50 seemed to perhaps accept a bit of blame himself.

“I kind of felt like I was insensitive to the situation because I didn’t have parents,” said ’Fif about Banks dealing with the loss of his dad. “I don’t know who my father is and my mom died. I use my grandparents as references, but he was like, ‘You don’t what that is because you don’t…’”

Having said that, he expressed trouble understanding anything that could stop one from making money.

“It might be true, it might be true on some levels, but I haven’t seen any situation that made you not…I’ve lost close friends and homies that I grew up with and we didn’t not come outside to get money,” he continued.

Having said all that, 50 seemed to leave an open door for communication with Banks unlike former G-Unit members Young Buck and Game.

“Yeah, we could get on the phone together,” 50 said about him and Banks talking. “He’s a baby. He’s the youngest in the actual G-Unit and he got really rich at 19. Both him and Tony have made over $9 million. I think when the stars line up, it will be all good.”—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Sha

    Ok…. So Lloyd is handling his responsibilities…. His lawyers even communicate with 50. So what’s the issue? Not everyone is motivated by making money. Sometimes “life” takes priority over making loot. I definitely agree with 50 in that Lloyd needs to communicate more (at least to just let 50 know if he’s good). But on that same level, 50 is “Industry Cancer” right now. He’s burned so many bridges and done so many foul things, any association with him is bad business. I’d have to say I would stay clear of dude for a minute too.

    Judging from those weak record sales, God knows his fans definitely have….

    • Thoma$

      Pac did the same shit 50 did, including the foul shit. Let’s not act like “Pac’s Life” didn’t flop, w/ 7 years, & still not gold. Pac was nothing but 50 cent in the 1990′s. Got shot, beefed w/ the hottest rapper out, signed under Dre, next albums had meaningless disses to rappers that did nothing to neither 50 or Pac, in the process they both sold millions of records, but once fans seen that they needed controversy all the time, both there sells dropped dramatically.

      Pac- “All Eyes On Me” 9XPlatinum/ “Pac’s Life” 300,000 released 10 years later.

      50- “GRODT” 8XPlatinum/ “BISD” released 6 years later 500,000-700,000 U.S sold.

      As Jay-z stated, “only so long fake thugs can pretend”.

      • Bruh

        Difference would be, that, Pac’s shit is being released posthumously and was never meant to be released. Just his crackhead mama makin money off of tracks Pac didnt put on CDs….AND, Pac was hot when he was feuding with Biggie, not like he was a backup dancer for Digital Underground then…

  • jrash87

    i truly believe in banks. if he just put some raw emotion into his lyrics an more story telling he would achieve what he wants. h.f.m.2 was a great cd, but only home sweet home, an sooner or later are the only songs with substance in my humble opinion. ive enjoyed all 3 of banks albums, they all dope to there own right even if rotten apple falls a bit flat at some pionts, its still good album. blowin green colour of a grasshopper, love lyrics when i roll a moses twist

  • po

    maybe every1 stops talkn to 50 bcz he always tellls their personal business to the world,,, i thought u were a G

  • ll

    banks is makin money and livin life, 50 needs to stfu. maybe banks dont want to hang around wit a pussy that lets lil wayne in the ring wit him and mayweather after he don talked sh*t about wayne numerous times.

  • yoyoyo

    man 50 has always been immature as hell, this dude is so annoying, fuck 50 bring back JA …its MUURRDDAAA


    being a TRUE fan of G-unit, 50 cent cannot afford to lose lloyd banks like he did Game and Young Buck. NOT SAYING HE NEEDS BANKS, but he knows banks, out of all them other niggas, and after 50, is G-units fans favorite rapper on the team. His bars always been nice and he can hold his own weight. Banks just going through a phase. He’ll be back stronger after him and 50 hug and get back in the studio. no homo

  • guttaman


  • G/ code

    50 is a control freak , Lloyd Banks had one could cd period and theres no way in hell that crack head Tony Yayo made 9 million he had one ok track with 50 on it when he got out of jail the dude is wack , and 50 time is up to ! Only Game & Buck had lasting talent out of G unit period !

  • BeerGangsta

    When you make 9 million dollars. You don’t need no helping hand. Banks need move on and show the world he can make it without 50. Lots of good shit to do when you are rich!!

  • Richie Rolex

    Banks is a real lyricist, and it doesn’t surprise me him and 50 have fallen out. Honestly is his Music being promoted the right way? I would say not because he is one best in New York but not Promoted as such. The other question is not how much money he has made, but what portion of that was actually his to take home. I hate when people throw out figures that a person never really touched. Numbers do actually like based on who is presenting them.

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  • J-Buck

    y’all need to stop putting other rappers in this shit fiddy sucks major balls if i was Lloyd id be quitting when the game was going out of g-unit ohh btw gggg-unot