Young Buck is still vying to be a part of G-Unit.

During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on his Shade 45 radio show, Young Buck gave a shout out to his former crew, expressing his openness to "make history" with them once again.

"It's been a long time since I had any type of conversation with Banks, Yayo, 50... anybody, really through that camp, it's been a long time," said Buck during a call to the station. "My thing is I will say, at the end of the day, we've made history and I would never consider not taking the chance to make history again if given the chance.

"We only get older, and the older I became the wiser I became at the same time," he continued with his pitch. "So, you know, like I said, we had a lot of great moments but the communication kind of fell apart. So, salute to everybody, even the ones that may disagree with me saluting. Let me let them know I'm still here 'cause sometimes you can get lost in the shuffle.. and I don't want to get lost in the shuffle 'cause I'm out here going through the struggle... I'm right here and I'm holding it down."

In the meantime, Buck expressed that he is making his career work with the resources he has now as an independent artist.

"My music is only getting to where it should be," he said. "I'm the type of dude that's working with what I'm given and do the best with what I've got... I'm coming, I'm not far away... I'm right there." —Mariel Concepcion (@Mceezy)