XXL Presents...20 Boxing References In Rap Lyrics


In less than a week, XXL's December cover boy, Floyd Mayweather Jr., will go head to head with Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas' MGM Grand. Rappers and boxers have always shared common attributes: larger than life personalities, an inclination towards macho posturing, and an appreciation for a good old fashioned one on one face off. (Just look at 50 and Floyd, who are pretty much BFFs these days). As Saturday's brawl approaches, XXL takes a look back at some of the staff's favorite boxing references in rap lyrics — XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

50 Cent - "Put Your Hands Up"


“Paparaz’ photo, my side bitch in Manolo It’s all about dough though, my knuckle game like Cotto.”

Cam'ron - "Bubble Music"


“We race foreign cars, custom models. Drop top mustard Tahoe/ We like the musketeers, trained by Cus D’Amato.”

Rick Ross - "High Definition"


“Crucifix on my neck I pray it never melt, Pacquiao purse, boy I took another belt.”

Pusha T - "Can I live (Freestyle)"


"3 bitches, 3 different flights, glad it was 4 sides at that Paul Williams fight/ The Wynn, The Bellagio, the Palms, 3 nights/ As long as they separated, they my three blind mice.”

Lil Wayne – "About All That"


"Little nigga, but see me as a fuckin’ rhino/ Lil Weezy hit this bitch like Rocky Marciano.”

Game - "Red Nation"


"Half of these rappers weren’t trappin’ when I was choppin’ the do or die / Suge had me in, I went Puffy like Zab Judah eye"

Jay-Z - Light Up"


“I just landed in that G450. Caught the Mayweather fight cause the satellite was crispy”

AZ feat. Nas - "The Essence"


"We both hard hit, just like Hagler and Hearns, add the math, be concerned if it's beef you burn"

Royce da 5’9 – "Above the Law"


"You got a mouth like Kanye, I’ll knock your whole bottom row of teeth out/ No disrespect to Mr. West, shit I’m just nice with mine/ And this just rap, I’m like Ricky Hatton, I just like the line.”

Slim Thug - "Trash"


"Like Roy Jones and Hopkins, ain't no 60-40 deal / I'm getting 90, they get 10, and gotta split it still. "

Game - "Scream on Em"


"I summons the hood, they get up in yo' ass for real/ Knockout flow, Winky Wright jab for real"

Nas - "Affirmative Action II"


"High class, Generals, Confidence, paying lawyers / Swift as Oscar De La Hoya, green beret warriors"

Redman – "Tiger Crane Style"


“ I knock out the Mic like Buster Douglas bitch, leave a nigga broke.”

Cam'ron - "Leave You Alone"


“He beat them cases up like Mike Tyson ‘86/ That’s why it’s like I got a license for these 80 bricks"

Vinnie Paz – "Devil’s Rebel"


“I ain’t fucking with small shit, only thorough heaters/ The ice grill get you robbed, Sergio Martinez.”

Lloyd Banks - "Playboy"


"So tell your homey chill, you know I hold the steel / Everything ain't jabs and hooks, and you ain't Holyfield"

Jay – Z – "Thank You"


“Face keep poppin’ up / On a tube, I’m just watching Pacquiao box em up”

Jay Electronica - "Prelude to a Freestyle"


"Any click whoever said shit, they got rocked / So sugar Shane Mosley yo ass up out the cockpit"

The Cool Kids - "Delivery Man"


I'm Sugar Ray Leonard to them boxers / Watch me not watch them, I'm like clockwork"

Hell Rell - "Family Ties"


"And yo own man's don't acknowledge ya G / Cuz you ain't wanna go to war like Muhammad Ali"