Travis Porter has everything lined up for the release of their debut LP, From Day One, due out later this spring.

They have their fans engaged on social networks, their shows are a hot ticket and the group also have one of the hottest songs in the club right now with “Ayy Ladies,” which features Tyga.

“It’s really a blessing to be grinding so hard, to show the world what Travis Porter is all about,” Strap of the trio said recently in New York. “The record featuring Tyga is picking up, you never would have thought it. We didn’t expect it really.”

With the momentum of their hit, The Porter boys are headed off on tour this summer in support of their new project.

“We have the official tour this summer,” Ali revealed. “It’s called ‘No Sleep Till Atlanta.’ I think we should do the last date in Atlanta.”

“It’s gonna be us headlining,” Ques added. “Jose Guapo, The Loser Crew, all our people who record with us in Atlanta.”

With an album and tour on deck, Travis Porter are also readying a film to absolutely ensure 2012 is a blockbuster for them.

“It’s a fun comedy movie,” Ali explained. “It ain’t gonna be too serious. A real movie with us acting. We’re playing characters.”

“We’re trying to get more artists to be in there,” Strap further delved. “We wanna put horror in it. Maybe some zombies. We got a couple of scripts. It’s a party, starts off with five of us, everybody starts getting  killed off.”—Shaheem Reid