The energy level couldn't have reached any higher Wednesday night (April 11) at NYC's famous S.O.B's venue where heatseeking West Coast spitter ScHoolBoy Q, of the rising powerhouse that is Top Dawg Entertainment, held court in front of a sold-out crowd.

Crammed with Black Hippy enthusiasts, the very name of Top Dawg's in-house supergroup comprised of Q, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul, the show kicked off to a feverish start after fans began growing impatient waiting for the LA native to hit the stage—including one even going as far as throwing garbage at one of the opening acts. However as the clock struck 11PM, the excitement that was building the entire night reached fever pitch once the stocky bucket hat-devotee MC—clad in a Ralph Lauren Polo bucket, jean jacket and a pair of Nike LeBrons—hit the stage to his somber Habits & Contradictions opener "Sacrilegious."

"Gloomy on sunny days, shadows no house or trees/Prayers not close to me as I bow down and take a knee/Hell goes far as the eye can see/Hoodies and weaponry..."

While everyone in attendance immediately flocked towards and around the stage, Q switched things up mid-verse going right into the dopey "Oxy Music," to which the entire venue chanted the lyrics word-for-word.

"New York, what the fuck is up though?" he greeted before asking, "Where the real ScHoolBoy fans at? I'ma test yall out."

When "#BETiGOTSUMWEED" off of last year's Setbacks project clamored through the speakers, the good ol' Mary Jane scent began clouding the packed house as fans began lighting and rolling up—one even passing their's to Q who took a toke and passed it back.

If that didn't get the crowd fired up, then it was when the raucous "Nightmare On Figg St." came during which ScHoolBoy slipped on a ski mask and promptly jumped into the crowd with everyone reciting the song in unison. "What's fifty grand to muh'fucker like me? Can you please tell me? Put the steel behind ya, put five inside ya/Better chill out with all that flossin' patna." The intensity level here reaches high-pitched.

Jumping into his catalog of fan-favorites including "Druggy Wit Hoes"—to which he brought in a fan from the crowd to hold down temporary hypeman duties—"Figg Get the Money," "My Hatin' Joint," "How We Feeling," "Druggy Wit Hoes Again," "There He Go" and more, ScHoolBoy ultimately held his own like a champ on the same stage that's been graced by music greats such as Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Outkast and more.

Though he shied away from bringing out any guests, he did get a very special phone call on stage from his Top Dawg group mate Kendrick Lamar, who made an appearance via speakerphone to much fanfare before Q performed the former XXL Freshman's Section.80 cut "A.D.H.D."

"But on the real though no matter what yall going through, shit could change for you" he impelled before going into "Blessed" and closing with his A$AP Rocky-assisted, woodgrain-tinged banger "Hands On The Wheel."

Certainly a dope night that was well-worth the wait. From the Westside with love. —Ralph Bristout (@RalphieBlackmon)