Rumor: Did Rick Ross Add Omarion And Ma$e To MMG?

Word is spreading fast that MMG Bawse, Rick Ross will be adding a few players to his Maybach Music team.

According to a source, the team has “already” added Omarion to the growing roster and has plans of adding Ma$e as well. “Yes, I think its safe to say Omarion is MMG. I don’t want to let no cats out the bag but we’ll see what’s good with Ma$e,” says the anonymous source. This all comes after the two artists were spotted in the studio together, along with the Bawse, French Montana and more, via a posted Twitpic that surfaced last week.

“As far as newest members Omarion and shout out to Ma$e if he wants to get down with this movement then we’ll see what happens.”

No word has been confirmed by Ross or the MMG camp about the rumored acquisition but , one things for sure the move will make for quite an interesting—to say the least—addition.

Hey, every team has ‘injured reserves’ right?—Ben Simms

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    The whole roster is injured reserves lol expect for the only two who can actually rap Pill and Wale.

    • Lawrence

      Except* and Wale is ass. Meek is the only good one, IMO. French and Ross are ass. I’ve heard one song by Pill and never listened to him again.

    • balckblacka

      pill left mmg and your slipping stalley is that dude but mmg is a joke cept for stalley, wale, and 25% of what meek millz releases


        They all suck is really what I was tryin to say. ( Yeah I meant except ). For them two to have little skill speaks volumes to how bad the rest of the crew is and how much the producers do for these non rappin lames.

  • Tru Talk

    The New YMCMB… AKA the New bunch of Fags

  • kenny


    • cody

      @kenny drakes biting waynes style actually haha and french isnt ass shot caller and ny minute are hottt but ymcmb and mmg suck the real RAP groups are slaughter and the lox not these fags

  • the boy yaowa

    Honestly, Ma$e & Omarion have both fallen off. From B2K to a solo album, to a flop followup, to rapping, to the album with Bow Wow, signing with Young Money, to he ain’t with YM, he fell off hard. Ma$e down with the hottest label at the time. 2X platinum debut, he finds God, gets caught with a tranny. He’s back in the game with Dipset…naw, make that Nelly’s manager, Huddy Combs. That album bombed…now he down with G-Unit…Diddy ain’t letting his contract go, so that falls thru. Now both of these dudes down with MMG? This generation ain’t feeling Mase & all those little girls who loved O grew up. Bottom line is, Ross better find some real talent to sign.

  • ha ha

    mixtape music group

  • TheUntouchables

    I fuck with MMG just as they are. No Mase.

    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables
    Follow the Hottest HipHop Web Series @D_Untouchables

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