Prodigy has a message for any hip-hop fans who think that Mobb Deep is really beefing.

“It’s bogus, basically,” P told Angie Martinez during an appearance on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station on Wednesday (April 18). “We focused right now, very, very focused.”

When having to address, Havoc’s scathing twitter rant against him earlier this month, Prodigy dismissed the whole incident as an act of perhaps a disgruntled employee or employees.

“I think it has something to do with a few people that were around us,” Prodigy told Martinez. “You should be able to tell with just time…like Mobb Deep, we not ever going to break up. That’s not going to happen.

“Every time I drop a solo album, it seems like this rumor always surfaces that we’re fighting,” he continued. “It’s just people talking crazy and it’s usually people that are around us, directly around us. To me, I know the last time I put out the first H.N.I.C. record, we had a similar incident with a few people around us that felt we should have been doing more for them and wasn’t, so they started going around and saying, ‘They broke up! Mobb Deep is over’ and it wasn’t true. He was basically a disgruntled employee.”

This reaction comes after Prodigy made an appearance on Hot 97’s morning show on Tuesday (April 17) and essentially said that he and Havoc, his longtime partner in rhyme, just let the entire allegedly fake Twitter rant play out to their advantage for some good free promotion.

The Monday (April 9) after the Easter holiday, fans of the rap duo were shocked to see a rant aimed at Prodigy on Havoc’s Twitter account.

“[P]rodigy abitch [sic] and I’m gonna show it, follow!!” Hav allegedly began his barrage of tweets with. “[I] got niggas in the jail system to back up that prodigy was fuckin homes in jail”…[P]rodigy prove me wrong! Please” … [P]rodigy u pussy! U long island ass bitch. I’m about to expose u!”

Havoc later tried to clear the air, stating that he left his cell phone at a gas station and that the tweets sent out weren’t authored by him. The duo even appeared together at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden last Friday (April 13).

Yet, there are those still doubting the legitimacy of Hav and P’s dismissal of the beef.

Last week, a source close to Mobb Deep told XXL under anonymity that the duo will never put out another album due to differences.

Prodigy has released a new single, however, “Gangster Love.”—Jakinder Singh