Nicki Minaj’s First-Week Sales Predictions [Poll]

Nicki Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday sold over 2 million copies, but the Harajuku Barbie is poised to top herself with her new release. Yesterday, Nick dropped Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Word is the LP’s already shipped over 1 million copies. The Head Barb in Charge is definitely in a good spot. She’s relentlessly been promoting her LP and her new single, “Starships,” currently sits at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. How well will Nicki do this time? XXL‘s staff took a stab at predicting Roman Reloaded‘s first-week sales. See below.—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

Vanessa Satten 462, 000
Jayson Rodriguez 425, 000
Carl Chery 550, 000
Mariel Concepcion 475, 000
John Heinz 410, 000
Josh Clutter 565, 000
Shaheem Reid 600, 000
Mark Lelinwalla 545, 000
Adam Fleischer 712, 000
Jaecki Cho 525,000
Ralph Bristout 500, 000
Neil Martinez-Belkin 620, 000
Calvin Stovall 750, 000

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  • A.R. Knight

    She’s winning regardless

    • dropgemz


  • Richie Rolex

    It well sale because it is being promoted all over the world 250000 to 300000 no more. People will be adding it to their playlists so that will take away from total downloads.

  • jesterxxl

    I expected alot more than what I got album is wack I really thought she was going for the hip hop route!

  • Chadfella_UK

    I wanna believe it wont sell over 10 copies, but that’s just wishful thinking. Young money alone will cope a couple thousand, but i do feel even the senseless pop loving drones out there will see through this façade. Given The Carter IV numbers, it could even be touching a milli. After all she’s had some ridiculous promo doing the Superbowl, then All-star weekend, then the VMA’s or whatever corny award show it was for MTV (Which she absolutely flopped, on some Britney post break-down type shit)..

  • Chadfella_UK


  • Fireforreal

    I’ll cop before I’d cop anything from Drake.

  • DoesItMatter

    I hope she goes double-negative plywood.

  • fuck waka

    She’s so bad, but if Tha Carter IV sold well, this will sell through the roof.

    • Dillon

      that wa sonly cause no one expected it to be complete bullshit i sure as hell didnt think it was going to be as bad as it was

    • Lawrence

      haha carter iv only sold well cause birdman bought a quarter mill for himself :P

  • http://yahoo sexy_sabe

    IT will sell because bullshit music seems to be winning these days. All the true artists making G.O.O.D music for the most part are starving while cartoon gimmicks, an industry clones, circus clowns are getting all the undeserved money and shine. I love hiphop an female MC’s Brat is the G.O.A.T kim is right behind her, Foxy went hard, Lauryn is dope, an even Shawnna an Eve did their thang. this Nicki chick is overrated, she is a lil kim wannbe who didnt even have the humility an respect to admit tht she stole the woman’s style an got rich off it. Her abc rhymes sound like word association ex. Im a star, sheriff badge” lol thts like sayin im cold, ice box. I’m hot, iron, pause.. Lmao what is this 3rd grade? It is a insult to my intelligence when I attempt to listen to it. IMO the first cd was a pop cd, an a bad one at tht, I used as a weed tray lmao. But Her fanbase is 13-20 yr old girls though so im sure they will take their allowance an go buy it, lol

  • nonyobizness

    ha ha u haters. her cds was sold out on 1st day, she topped charts in over 12countries. these negative critics and fake predictions aint no where on point. she makes music 4 her fans but watch u haters cum 2 cop her album just so u can comment wit negative bull. she got almost 11mil followers & many older fans who dont do twitter. look at the crowd that went2 her surprise show she didnt even anounce b4hand. they where older white peo and diverse peo who shut down times square. i bet they bought cd’s coz i done bought 3 already. her fans on twitter buying doubles for friends & fam & letting her know when sold out and she getting more shipped even on 1st day. u haters keep hating coz she aint going no where. her music her fans get every word she saying haters keep hating and kepp buying her cd…coz WAM BAM PURPLE LAM DAMN BITCH U BEEN A FAN!”

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