It seems Mystikal just can't get it right.

The recent Cash Money signee, who was released from state prison in 2010 after serving six years for sexual battery and extortion, will be returning to jail May 14 for three months, according to the Associated Press. This time, for violating his five-year probation following an arrest for domestic abuse.

On Monday (April 16), state District Judge Tony Marabella imposed the time on the New Orleans rapper, born Michael Tyler, 41, for the arrest back in February on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery. The five-probation is a result of the extortion case, and called for him to remain arrest and conviction-fee.

Mystikal's attorney said although the rhymeslinger was ordered to spend another 90 days in jail, judge Marabella is giving him credit for the nine days he was detained after his February 22 arrest.

In related news, Mystikal recently chopped it up with about his upcoming YMCMB debut and what it's like working with Cash Money vs. No Limit.

"It’s coming out this year," the MC said about the project. "Original is gonna be the title. When Stunna came up with the title for that song, that shit fitted, man. This [is] where that shit came from, as far as being from New Orleans. We the founders of that music, that rap game."

As far as the difference between his former label home and the present one, Mystikal said there isn't much difference, stating, "The times are different, first of all. It’s like oranges and apples. The formula is still the same. It’s the Take Over The World formula and Don’t Give A Fuck. Show them what it is, don’t tell them. It’s just on another level. This is a new day and a new time for real."—Gina Montana