Lil Wayne Covers XXL’s May 2012 Issue

A showman in his own right, Lil Wayne graces the cover of XXL’s May issue with a special live photo and an interview discussing his touring domination, favorite show moments, personal rituals before hitting the stage and tips he gives his Young Money artists.

The enigmatic lyricist, who spent 2011 touring across three continents and earning nearly $50 million in United States ticket sales alone, also chats about his recent endeavors, such as the TrukFit clothing line and DEWeezy advertising partnership with Mountain Dew.

The cover story is part of a special Hip-Hop Live package, which includes a piece on the 2012 SXSW Music Festival. The annual indie-rock showcase in Austin, Texas, underwent a hip-hop takeover this year with a week’s worth of great performances from some of rap’s biggest stars, including Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West and many, many more.

XXL also caught up with the California rap collective Odd Future, as MC Earl Sweatshirt made his return to the group. The story, which features images from famed photographer Terry Richardson, offers some inside secrets and observations about the crew.

Also featured in the May 2012 issue are profiles of B.o.B and Diggy Simmons, who both recently dropped albums. And in honor of celebrated photographer Johnny Nunez’s 15th anniversary covering hip-hop, his buddy Swizz Beatz took a few flicks of him for a joint interview.

The XXL May 2012 issue hits stands nationwide on April 24. —XXL Staff

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  • BangEm

    hip hop is dead

  • Killa J


  • Hall Of Fame

    King of Hip-Hop Live? WTF …lol…Good folks at smh Dude has that spot?

  • Hall of Fame

    Keep selling magazines!!!Remind me of the 50 Cent cover after cover after cover after cover. We all got bills

  • Chucky

    I don’t get why this fool is famous.

  • DopeShit

    Omg IM So Proud Of Him! Good Job weezy, KEep Up The Good Work :)

  • dopest

    2 chaniz shoulda been on this fuckn wayne hasnt had a goo song since carter 3

  • @KikocDMV

    stop hatin on weezy he put out more hot shit than anyone u can name ..

    • Carlos

      your stupid shut up

      • noushi_boi_uk

        you’re* looks like you’re the stupid one

  • dopest

    yea hes fuckin workin with bieber due. 2 chainz has had much more french has some good shit wiz to and a$ap

  • Hube

    tupacs hologram is a hundred times better live than lil wayne…

  • ctwins3644

    unfortunately wayne still sells regardless of how much declined over the years, and XXL needs all the help they can get from their MAINSTREAM hip-hop audience in order to stay afloat

  • Lil Wayne

    King of Hip Hop Live????? Tech N9ne is performing a 90 city tour in 90 days this summer (record breaking for hip-hop). This is after a tour in Australia, all across Europe, and in the Middle East for the soldiers. Not to mention he’s been averaging 90-100 shows a year for the past 6 years. And wait…. plus putting out 1-2 albums a year. All Independently!!!!

  • BeantownReppin

    Yeah I agree Tech N9ne is a better fit, the sheer amount of shows and consistency is crazy…other than that who can beat Jay-Z? The dude always puts on an amazing show, couldn’t pay me to see Weezy.

  • SDK


  • rustymalik

    God Damn!!! I swear xxl mag has 2 b choking on lil wayne’s dick by now. Why the fuck is he on the cover, is he coming out with an album any time soon? NO!!! Should of gave the cover 2 Odd Future, surprize me these covers are so predictible. Probally goin 2 put rick ross on the next cover or 50 cent

    • sean1

      actually he is i am not a human being 2 this summer

  • Carlos

    Dear, XXL i am a big fan of your magazine or i was in fact i am disgusted at this cover and am now boycotting your magazine this is an insult to everything hiphop stands for

  • dpg

    lil wayne is NOT the King of Hip Hop…. 2pac, biggie smalls and N.W.A. were king of both hip hop and rap



  • Atlanta Sextoy

    Yeah, why is he titled King of Hiphop. He went from the thug look to the gay look. I guess whatever sells these days right!!! Just to see his mouth …look like it stank..

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  • mario magana

    watch the throne??

  • sam

    King of hop hop? hell you guys should have jsut put Tupac’s hologram on the cover.

  • Cali

    lil wayne is a sellout. tried of you just feeding us this wack af! i really cant believe you even went as far as to say king of hip hop smh. kids today dont know what hiphop is! thanks to media like this. but there are few TRUE mcs still in the game and will bring true hiphop back. KENDRICK LAMAR! being a KEY one. so let this crap go for couple more months and all you young money fans & wiz fans or club bangers are just gonna fade away. only TRUE mcs are remembered thru out the game even after they are gone. these artist have had no impact on the world or even in hiphop. just $ is what they are about. not knocking it but a TRUE artist knows they are given something REAL and something very few ppl have and thats make a IMPACT! like a TUPAC…NAS…BIGGIE these artist changed the GAME. XXL your not even worth hiphops time anymore. shes LEAVING YOUR LAME ASS.

  • backwudz&seagrams

    all you dudes on here hatin on wayne it’s old u niggas come off tired and dried out. he’s not ever going to stop making his money and you niggas won’t ever stop comin on here talkin about it. whether you think he deserved the cover or not it doesn’t matter YOU don’t matter. XXL knows what they audience wants majority wise, not due to ya’ll golden era of hip-hop 80′s view, not due to the artist you sware should have got the cover 2chainz(really) a$ap(c’mon solo cover with no album, and a mixtape or two under his belt) french montana(gtfo) all these artist i’ve mentioned im a supporter of they hustle, music, and movement but you cant be serious when you really think about it. Wayne has been in the game for two decades and has continued to dominate the music industry i mean his success cant be faded. ima let y’all niggas proceed 2 tlk down bt im sippin a 4 n it’s time 2 roll

  • Y U MAD

    Weezy thats my nigga… haters gonna hate regardless so you better just do you Weezy.

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