Jury Selection to Begin in Lil Boosie Murder Trial

Jury selection for the murder trial of Lil Boosie begins on Monday (April 30). According to local WAFB 9 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a total of 700 people have been summoned to appear for jury duty this week for this trial and others. From that crop, the jury will be determined.

Boosie, real name Torrance Hatch, is on trial for first-degree murder. The judge in the case will be allowing specific lyrics from Boosie to be brought up in the trial.

According to WAFB 9, prosecutors will attest that specific rhymes from the rapper will link him to the murder-for-hire killing of Terry Boyd on October 21, 2009. Those words include 187, mirk and cake, the first two meaning murder, the latter money.

Boosie’s attorney, Jason Williams, acknowledges his client’s words, but says that’s not what he means.

“Torrence Hatch wrote some of those lyrics,” Williams told WAFB. “There are other artists who wrote other parts of the lyrics. The lyrics have nothing to do with his crime. He’s a rap artist. He has thousand of lyrics.”

A detective said in his questioning that Michael Louding, also known as “Marlo Mike,” admitted to killing Boyd, then drove to Hatch, who paid him $2,800 for the job.

In November of last year, Hatch was sentenced to eight years in state prison after pleading guilty to drug charges, but his lawyers maintain that he’s not a murderer.

Bad Azz Boosie has collaborated with the likes of Webbie, the late Pimp C, Trina and Young Jeezy.—Jakinder Singh

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  • Brandon ( free lil boosie)


  • truth720

    WTF? so if tom cruise, bruce willis, arnold schwartz, etc,.. are allegedly charged with crimes, we will watch a few of their movies to determine if they have committed the crimes?

  • http://idk Cj

    free Lil boosie

  • ken

    just want to wish lil boosie all the luck in the world during his trial. im praying for you boosie.

  • maine

    Death penalty SMDH Boosie speaks for everybody living through this struggle just like Pac who was also mudered. They killed Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Biggie all young successful black males. So wtf do you tell are lilttle brothers and sisters when they ask why or how did they die?

  • takela

    A rapper always say things that’s crazy and foolish!!! If u have no evidence ànd plus that was so 2009 why should their be a problem. I love lil hatch and stop hating!!!!

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  • Bubba Jackson

    One thing is for sure, Lil Boosie is being treated by COs and his fellow inmates just like every single convict.Look at Boosie’s small body frame, no muscles, smooth faced. This is exactly what hardened convicts in prison look for in prison inmates. I have no doubt and am not surprised that Lil Boosie is nightly getting sexually molested in prison by dozens of inmates.That is a fact of prison life, regardless out big a star you were on the outside.Even Boosie’s money can’t save his tight behind from being raped.Rape in prison is a topic that most men can’t believe it happens, until the guy is on his knees forced to perform oral sex or getting royally phucked by other dudes. I hope and pray that other black young men realize this reality of prison

  • Teflon

    Lil Boosie Man I got you on anything you need straight from the heart im a big Ass fan of you’rs im 25 lil webbie sup playa playa, lol j/k dang man, I’ll pray for you Torrance. Do you’re time, I’ve prayed for you before and i will always pray for you lil boosie. I don’t honestly think you did that but idk it’s between you and the lord