Fans Vote: Who Was Your Favorite Performer at the XXL Freshmen Live Tour Stop in NYC? [Poll Results]

XXL wrapped up its Freshmen Live Tour in New York City on Monday (April 9) and fans got a special treat as all 10 2012 class picks hit the stage with special guests that included ScHoolBoy Q, DJ Khaled and Tech N9ne, among others. We polled our readers to ask them which of the performers was their favorite that night, and here are the results:

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  • ctwins3644

    why would you even post this article when its clear that you didnt have a sample size that was anywhere near big enough to be representative of the population of hip hop fans/readers of xxl?

  • ctwins3644

    unless somehow XXL has managed to survive with only 249 subscribers? bc i highly doubt ad and single sale revenue would be enough to keep you afloat all these years…

  • fuckouttaherewitdatshit

    249 votes aint shit come back when you got 20000 or so votes then this mite be relivant

  • Scooby

    lol Yall really be hating on the south for real thats why we the realest ppl alive right now… Stop hating ppl

  • Carniep

    Its funny tho if it would have been one of the other artist none of the comments would have been so derrogatory. Like him or not Hopsin is the pinnacle of what rap music use to be and needs to be again and hate all you want to he is doing it on his own not with a large name driving him

  • Reggie

    It’s asking who your favorite performer at the XXL show was. Not who your favorite rapper is they don’t need all the XXL subscribers genius. READ THE QUESTION BEFORE YOU START TALKING.

  • jake

    Foh wit all these other bullshit rappers MGK n Hop the best

    • joe

      dude, i agree with you on the part about hopsin, but MGK needs to be killed off he sucks. if your talking collectively of all the freshmen on the cover those two are the best then yeah i can agree with that, but MGK sucks.

  • Eric

    whoever was first i think we can all agree that future was the worst lmao

  • colt

    in this poll the sample size doesnt need to be a certain amount because they just polled the people who showed up to the event…why would they ask people reading the article if they didnt even go? the only way they could of made it better is to make everyone vote when leaving.

  • benjamin

    hell ya hop rules! hes way over these fools heads and people know it. the industry is punks!

  • Malcom

    Roscoe kills it, Hopsin says Real SHit & Kelly Goes Hard. That shits true. Macklemore and Kid Ink kill Part 2!

  •!/EVistaIX Malcom

    Hopsin is Going Big. I bet he Cant wait to gain more Haters.

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  • mark

    I think everyone agrees they all suck by default, except Mack, Mgk, and Hopsin. MGK’s white trash and just raps fast angry nonsense, while all of Hopsin’s songs are essentially just “I’m Hopsin, I’m crazy! I’m Hopsin I’m fucking crazy!” Macklemore’s the only one on this list who isn’t an egotistical idiot.