Drake Promises Different Direction For Third Album

Drake will be taking a different direction for his third album. According to MTV, Drizzy’s relocation to Los Angeles has him thinking a different approach for his next LP.

“There’s just so much going on for me in the U.S. that I recently made the move to L.A.,” Drizzy told MTV. “It’s a new atmosphere, getting to know new people. It’s going to be a very interesting album.

“”I think that my mood will be reflected in the tempos that I choose for the music,” Drake added of his next LP during a conference call earlier in the week. “A lot of Take Care, it’s down, a lot of it’s down and I think a lot of that had to do with being back home in Toronto and getting reacquainted with the life I had before and the difficulties of that, but at the same time trying to express excitement and trying to express joy.”

A lot of his sophomore album, Take Care, took on a slower even more somber tone, but Drizzy promises a 180-degree turn for this project.

“Now I’m kind of in a very, very, very, very different place than I’ve ever been,” the YMCMB star. “I think it will be conceptually one of the best projects that I’ve ever worked on because there’s so many new things going on in my life. Everybody knows when it’s new, that’s when I thrive.”

Previously, Drake revealed that he has recorded songs with Meek Mill and 2 Chainz, two of the artists included on his Club Paradise Tour.—Jakinder Singh

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  • Ted Flynt

    Translation: I better start really rapping or my career is going to be over. Because that’s what I see Niki’s in the near future.

    • Mutada mullah atari

      Ex-fucking-actly, that’s exactly what he meant . Agreed

      • angelantonio3rd

        Ted Flynt, First comment and hit it right on the head my dude. This guy has let down the original fans he started with. F all this slow song girl BS. Revive real hip hop.

    • Kas

      Nicki changed completly. Drake didnt. Drake been singing since day 1 so idk what all this he’s soft cause he sings and sucks now cause he sings thing is coming from. He’s talented and you know it. Matter a fact, you love that nigga’s music and how he talks about his ex’s cause i bet you got some wether you hood or not. This 180 degree is gonna get done just to shut niggas like you up cause even if he keeps up what he’s doing now he would still be the best artist out there, and you know it TED.

  • BxRa

    I think that Drake really does his thing musically and that Hip-Hop doesn’t have another artist doing what he’s doing but I think he’s definitely trying to please other people with that statement. He should really make the music HE wants to make and let the chips fall where they may. He’s never gonna get the haters to like him anyway cuz thats what haters do: HATE.

  • Real

    Drake be real oca lihang to cali has nothing to do with it i can name the infliuences. Charlemagne tha God and No I.D. ‘s Statement about drake. Check Youtube.

  • real

    Drake be real moving to cali has nothing to do with it i can name the influences. Charlemagne tha God and No I.D. ‘s Statement about drake. Check Youtube.

  • Marx

    Music is so fucking disposable and garbage nowadays. Muthafuckas drop an album and two hours later they talking about they next album.

    What happened to making albums that can last? That you can promote for a straight year or better and drop 4 or 5 singles from?

    Fuck the music industry

  • broski

    Drake is a fraud He jacked his whole style and when it came time for him to drop a album based soley off his talent he failed its karma bro. The funny thing is you know these emo rappers get so sad cause whenever this fool gets brought up on any u.s. hip hop site its nothing but clowning on him there for you a clown in the U.S. Drake

    • Truth

      How are u gunna say hes a fraud, who else in the game takes the risk of singing and rapping and taking all the heat for it. Take care went platinum and all his music is always at the top of the charts, you can call him a clown all you want but people obviously like what hes doing.

  • bullets

    “people” outside of hiphop love Drake because thats what he represents the “other guys” and as for singing and rapping lauryn hill did it and went diamond with an album of such quality it could be put out today and get the same response..Problem is Hiphop has gotten so big that it has become POP music and the opinions of the fans come from people who originally had nothing to do with the culture..Thats like somebody growing up on hardcore hiphop and telling a techno fan that techno is wack he would have no real point because he’s not familiar with that music or lifestyle ..

  • Billz Clinton

    What can you say about a Jewish Canadian boy named Audrey who raps and sings about things he really isn’t about. He’s not as cool as he likes to think he is. I think Common said it best – you ain’t wetting nobody n***a you Canada Dry.

  • chris jennings

    nobody knows hip hop like me. Drake is the best rapper to do it since jigga nobody f**kin with my n**ga ha ha you clowns name somebody better who?

    • James

      Nas, Q-Tip, J Cole, Mos Def, Kool G Rap, M.O.P. plus a hundred other cats that are better than him.

      You don’t know shit about hip hop son. How old are you? Sit down before you hurt yourself.

      • Dreamzinati

        Sit down Before you hurt yourself classic lmmfao

    • broski

      BRO you totally contradicted yourself Im telling you NOBODY but maybe white preppy kids and insecure bitchs fuck with this dude. He has to do weird gay ass music cause what can he do he grew up in a rich suburb in toronto yeah that screams soul music.

    • STL#5

      All Drake do is wordplay he repeats himself on the hooks, he doesn’t have lyrics

  • http://freshskimmer.com CeetothemuhafuckinCee

    I guess the entire world calling you a “hoe ass nigga” can cause a complete 180° turn in your creative direction.

    I do like Drake. Homie is talented. I just hope this 180° change doesn’t give him that Ja Rule status.


    Its good to have Drake in this game! His last album was GREAT!! Drake will be here for a while!! He got this shit!