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Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), a new artist is featured on’s The Break. An ideal destination for fans, artists, and industry members, The Break showcases up and coming talent, giving a brief introduction on the artist or group, and highlighting some of their standout music. Each month, industry insiders will team with XXL to rate and comment on the submissions.

For the month of April, DJ Folk of Young Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE)—who will serve as one of three judges—checked out the section to see what yesterday’s talent (The Cranberry Show) had to offer. Check out his comments below.

The Cranberry Show
Overall: L

The Cranberry Show “Cinema” (to see more from The Cranberry Show, click here)

This week’s artist The Cranberry Show are probably the best artists I reviewed thus far. Their video concepts were off the wall and quirky , caught my attention. [The] standout record was “The Score,” had the ’90′s Pete Rock groovy feel on the loop in the production and they are going off with the flow. They pulled off the feel of the golden age of rap with this concept record and I actually watched the video three times back-to-back-to-back which is rare for me. It reminded me of how videos were shot in the ’90′s which made it even better for me.

“Cinema” the song was cool, the video concept made the song better for me. Like the visual took an ‘okay’ song and made it so much better for me to digest. “$10″ [was] another dope video, song/freestyle was cool [and was on] some real hip hop shit.

I think they have a long career ahead of them. They will always have a livelihood for the type of music that they do. Beastie Boys and [The] Cool Kids would be who I compare them to. Pharcyde is another comparison I would make. The potential is there for them to make some waves in this biz. Really impressive group. They got my highest rating thus far. Bravo gentleman.

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    i wuld give em an XL…props from the UK

  • Digital Talk

    This crew is crazy dope! They most have an insane camp! As long as they stay consistent i will forever be a FAN! Everything they put out i will buy! I respect DJ Folks rating but i would have given them an XL too!

  • Legendary DOM

    Hometown’s been long overdue for the national attention on the MIL